Steve Ritchie: A Humble Executive Working for Papa Johns

Hard work pays off, and that is what Steve Ritchie wanted to prove. Last January 2018, he was promoted to become the chief executive officer of one of America’s most popular pizza chains – Papa John’s. Steve Ritchie’s journey to become the corporate head began when he was still working as an operator for the pizza chain. He works for a local branch of Papa John’s, answering customer calls and other inquiries. Most of the time, he accepts the orders placed by their customers, and relay this information to the branch pizza maker. For years, Steve Ritchie endured working in the lowest ranks, receiving a maximum salary of $6 an hour for his service. He kept on encouraging himself to do his best, because he wanted to climb the ladder of success someday.

Because of his hardworking nature, Steve Ritchie was later noticed by the management team, and he was given his first promotion at the company. Under a higher position, he never forgets to remain humble, and know what his subordinates wanted. His job at Papa John’s allowed him to save enough money to open up a franchise of the popular pizza chain in their locality. He used the skills that he learned from the company and managed the franchise effectively. Surprised about his skills in handling the business, one of Papa John’s executives requires for Steve Ritchie to be immediately promoted. Being in the same room with the company’s executives, he felt intimidated at first, but he was able to get through his fear and started working with the management team. He shared his ideas on how to improve the company’s services, and promised that he will continue doing his best to ensure that the company will be able to reach new heights.

In January 2018, the management decided to promote him once again, this time as the head of the company. The company’s board members believe that someone like Steve Ritchie deserves to be promoted, and they immediately gave him his responsibilities and tasks that he have to complete. He showed a positive character even if he was already promoted, much to the delight of the people around him because he kept his feet on the ground.

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