Securus Manages To Build Trust In Difficult Climate, Receives BBB Accreditation

Securus Technologies has recently achieved accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. It is a hallmark of achievement for a company that deals with a very difficult customer base. Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that provides services exclusively to prisons and jails across the country. The company’s customers are prisoners and their loved ones all across America.


One of the bullet points for BBB accreditation is building trust. Securus has managed to build trust with their customers in a very difficult climate. To understand how difficult this climate can be, you must first understand how these telecommunications companies come to do business with prisons and jails.


Third-party telecommunications companies flight to score exclusive government contracts. These contracts make the company the sole provider of telephone and Internet services to a prison facility. Many of the companies include something called a commission in the bid for the contract. Commissions are kickbacks to the prison and the state government from the profits made off of the telecommunications services. Inferior telecommunications companies, such as Global Tel-Link, pass the cost of the commission on to the prisoner and their families. In order to capitalize as much as possible on the government contract, Global Tel-Link hires a bare-bones staff and emphasizes customer service. After all, Global Tel-Link’s customers have no choice.


Securus manages to build trust even as they hold a monopoly on telecommunications services to a particular facility. The company provides the largest customer call center in the industry that is capable of handling over 2 million calls per month. The company offers a better product with available video chat services. And the telecommunications company’s fees remain reasonable. The fact that this company takes the high road when other companies take advantage of the same situation should be recognized. The BBB accreditation does just that.


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