Securus Defends Their Integral Portfolio against False Allegations by GTL Concerning the Pending Lawsuit

Securus Technologies is a communication company based in Austin, Texas, serving over 3450 prisons and other correctional facilities spread in North America and holding more than 1.2 million inmates. The company provides biometric analysis services, research services, emergency management services, public data, self-service forums for prisoners, communication and data management services and regulation of the products and services offered. Its main aim is to connect inmates with their friends and families under the federal law.


The trusted, and fast growing company acquired JPay and extended its services to provide payments, tablets and email services to an additional 33 facilities as announced in 2015.


Recently, Securus corrected information that was provided by It.The initial report released by GTL on June 7th was deemed inaccurate and misleading to the public by Securus in some instances, briefly:

  1. GTL alleged that they had received permission from the United States Patent Trial and the Appeals Board to seek compensation from Securus due to the reasons stated in the lawsuits presented in the Texas Federal Court. Securus pointed out that the claims are invalid since the lawsuit was overdue and they were seeking to acquire a rehearing date on the patent.
  2. Securus corrected that GTL does not own a security feature that enables prison staff to monitor visits as GTL had claimed. They also added that PTAB had declined to assess the 55 claims protecting the GTL technology.
  3. Securus also noted that the rehearing days would not be in a few months, as GTL had stated in their report. They explained that they are confident in the decision that the court will make through the analysis of a jury.


Richard A. Smith stated that Securus would continue to logically and factually defend their stand and outstanding portfolio.

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