WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) is a subsidiary of OPSkins, a merchant of bitcoins and also a world leader in sales of in-game assets. OPSkins targets people who make transactions across borders frequently in the form of micropayments. Since it has a decentralized protocol, OPSkins is the first choice for users who intend to make sales in a reasonable market size and with the right amount of demand by users for their decentralized protocol. WAX was created as a result of the need for the trading of virtual assets on the basis that the users can trade between one another with a foundation that is decentralized smart chain contracts on top of being blockchain. The idea of creating WAX came about when it was noted that having a centralized marketplace for virtual assets was more limited as compared to having a decentralized protocol.

The creation of WAX was beneficial, both to the creators and to the buyers and sellers using it as a platform. This means that setbacks such as fraud and fragmentation were checked as a result of using a widget based on blockchain-enabling. This widget allows users to buy and sell instantaneously without having the need to ever click off their game. OPSkins CIO, Malcolm CasSelle oversaw the whole process.

How the blockchain works, is that it creates a frictionless market whereby users can make transactions and tokenize their assets in a setting that is also fraud-proof. The WAX token has used this blockchain in eSports bringing all its capabilities to the protocol.

Malcolm CasSelle has overseen this project as the president of WAX. The reason why WAX has become such a success in the online gaming platform is, as a result, of the supervision that Malcolm CasSelle has been doing since the idea was incepted. With a background history of rapid growth properties that leverage digital assets from Tronc, it was only fitting that Malcolm CasSelle should be responsible for the creation of WAX.

Malcolm CasSelle had a company, Timeline Labs that was purchased by Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l. He was also part of MediaPass, XFire, and Groupon, which was a joint venture with Tencent. He’s also invested in companies such as a Zynga, Facebook, and has an interest in big data and blockchain verticals. This rich digital background makes him the best fit for being the president of WAX.


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