Prisoners can also benefit from Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has opened up many opportunities for people and organizations everywhere. This can especially be seen when it comes to using mobile technology to contact incarcerated felons or inmates that reside at a county jail. Secerus Inmate Phone Calls is a new type of technology that allows people to contact prisoners with the use of their smartphones, tablets or laptops. 

People can download Securus Visitation Mobile App and contact family members or friends who have been sentenced to prison. The app is designed to give family and friends an easier way to contact their loved ones, says the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Secerus. The Visitation Mobile App can do more than just make inmate phone calls it allows prisoners to chat with each other through a video format. 

Securus created this technology back in 2015 and it has been downloaded at least 65,000 times on Android devices and 5,000 times form the iStore. When a consumer downloads the app and install it on their phone they will be directed to set up the service for use. They will then need to fill out an application and a form that explains where an inmate is located. 

Another form will pop up asking the consumer about the type of video services that they want to use. A consumer will then have to conduct a system check to determine if their device is compatible with the Securus Visitation service. Once a facility has approved a consumer’s account they can then schedule a video visitation. 

Many people like using Securus’s app because it saves them money, time and the hassle of making a long trip to jail. 

Securus Technologies is a technology provider that services millions of inmates in various prisons across the country. This company provides the tools and systems for emergency response, incident management, public information and investigation. Other types of equipment that they use includes biometric apparatuses, inmate data and security monitoring products that is able to effectively control and monitor just about any place on the planet. You can find out more about the Securus Visitation App on the PR Newswire website.

Securus Techonologies is in no way affiliated with Securus the health supplement or the website, Securus America.

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