Paul Mampilly- Contributions in the financial sector

The role of a financial mentor in a business environment is not something that can be ignored. Investment mentors help novice investors to make the right investment decisions. At a time when people are looking for the best investment information, and looking to make decisions which will enable them to get the financial freedom they relish, financial experts are making sure a great contribution with the analysis of the markets. It is a fact that many people who want to make investments do not have experience and even the knowledge to pick the best gainers. Stock markets can be very difficult for people who have never made an investment or who have no experience in the analysis that should be done. Follow Paul on Facebook.


Paul Mampilly is an expert who has recognized the huge contribution that he can make in the industry. With his knowledge of investment, he is now able to help thousands of people who otherwise would be struggling to invest make money by choosing the right stocks. Paul Mampilly has been in the financial sector since 1991. He has worked with top companies and banking institutions in the world as an investor and therefore, he knows what it involves making the right investment decisions. He has assisted the wealthy in Wall Street make money through his knowledge in the markets. He has been there for two decades, and therefore his knowledge and experience cannot be dismissed. Whenever he talks about investment, he knows what he is talking about. Follow Paul on Medium.

Paul Mampilly left Wall Street because he felt that he was only helping a small part of the Americans to make money. With the wealth of information that he possesses he could make a bigger impact in the lives of many Americans who are looking for opportunities to invest in the right markets. In pursuit of financial freedom, many Americans are willing to find the right information from the experienced investors who can show them the way.

Paul Mampilly has worked with ING, Deutsche Bank and Bank of Scotland. With this experience he has accrued from these institutions, he has now decided that the ordinary American need to benefit from it. He is publishing various informative writing through the Banyan Hill Publishing. He has a newsletter known as “Profits unlimited” which picks the best stocks every year and recommends to the subscribers. He has a way of picking the best gainers of the year through his tested method of investing.


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