Fortress Investment Group Expands into WiFi

Fortress Investment Group, one of today’s largest alternative asset managers, has recently concluded a $20M financing round with iPass. The credit will be released in different segments, with the initial $10M available immediately to iPass. Consumers will recognize the company through their endeavors named iPass SmartConnect and Veri-Fi brand of products. The financing is going to be used by the tech company to close some of their recent profitability gaps and strengthen their balance sheet.

The partnership between iPass and Fortress Investment Group creates a synergy for both parties and provides investors in the fund with a strong stake in the wifi industry. In addition to providing millions of wifi hotspots, iPass is also enhancing their cloud and SaaS offerings. This latest investment from Fortress Investment Group will provide the funding that is needed to improve their cloud-based business lines and expand their consumer products. As a public company, Fortress Investment Group is keenly aware of its profile and the effect that its investments and financing moves have on the overall market.

The investment from Fortress Investment Group will allow iPass to increase its offerings on a global basis, allowing its customers to access a strong wifi connection wherever they are in the world. This technology has important implications for areas that are currently underserved by more traditional internet service providers. It is the goal of iPass to provide seamless connectivity to their clients on a global basis.

The current assets and patent holdings that iPass has through their SmartConnect and VeriFi services also allow customers to access roaming services on nearly all areas of the globe. It is expected that the demand for such services will only increase as more and more firms move to a remote-work model. With a larger percentage of employees able to work from anywhere in the world, the need for secure and dependable wifi service will become even more important.

FIG is excited about the future with iPass and providing the capital that is necessary to build a truly global wifi interface that will serve millions of people wherever they are in the world.

Francisco Domenech Biography

As a lawyer practising politician, Francisco Domenech is a widely recognised for his resilience. Francisco was born in San Juan Puerto Rico on 29th April 1978. He attended some of the most prestigious schools enabling him to have a rich educational background. In his junior years, he attended Forest High School. Later on, he attained a degree in BA political science from the University of Puerto Rico. He received his JD from the same university in 2003.

Early during his university years, Domenech started engaging in politics. For one academic year, he served as the president of the student body council at the university. Still, on that academic year, he was elected as the University of Puerto Rico academic senator. Visit Reporter Expert to know more about Domenech.

After graduating, Domenech started to pursue his interests in politics. In 2003, he served Puerto Rico Young Democrats as the president. Under his leadership, he led a team of 14 members to hold campaigns for the Kerry and Edwards’s ticket. He was primarily involved in the gubernatorial campaign of Pedro Rossello in 2003. In 2004, Domenech was the man behind planning the YDA national meeting.

During the election of 2005, Francisco was elected to serve as the vice president of YDA. Later on, in July 2007, he became a Democratic National Committee member. He has the record of serving as YDA leader for a couple of consecutive years. In December of 2007, Hillary Clinton appointed Francisco Domenech to serve as her presidential campaigns chair.

Francisco Domenech is a leader who strives to bring the best out of the team he is working for in the political field. He has been on the lead to drive mobilising of young professionals throughout his professional career. In 2016, he served as Clinton’s campaign manager in the team that defeated Sanders. Currently, he is widely responsible for undertaking bipartisan government affairs in Puerto Rico. Check:



The Importance of OSI Group in the Global Economy

OSI Group is one of the world’s largest food providers. Its services are available in 17 countries where 20,000 individuals are employed in 65 facilities. Moreover, it is significant in the American economy where it rose from humble beginnings to become one of the largest corporate businesses. Its history is traced to the Immigrants’ experience. In 1928 it was rebranded to Otto and Sons after its business followed a common storyline that was family-based. It was stable for many years including the Second World War. Later in 1955, the first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Illinois even though its owner was a franchise agent in California.

It was expanded through the franchise model which took place at the same time in the United States. Kroc, McDonald’s owner agreed with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons to be its first fresh beef supplier. The company later transpired to OSI Group after twenty years. Its main aim was to provide each individual restaurant with customers. Furthermore, its products would be consistent. OSI Group’s changing leadership led to its change in name. It was generated from the 75-year period it developed from a butcher shop to a fully technologically-based company. In response to the growth of McDonald’s restaurants, the company concentrated on its manufacturing abilities. This led to its first facility opening in Chicago. Other facilities were later opened in 1970 and 1980 in other parts of the country. In conjunction with McDonald’s restaurant, OSI Group established a joint venture in 1980. It required a growth in the international sector which contained a sophisticated capitalization.

The growth was instrumental in the company and it maintained it to the present time. The 2016, Forbes list ranked it at position 58 among private companies with 6.1 billion sales. Furthermore, its joint ventures and expansions enabled it to become one of the important food providers in the world. It was established in Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Pacific, and Hungary. Its negotiation with China provided a great market opportunity to its food products. Consumers in China depend on a variety of food products hence it led to the expansion of OSI Group. Later it engaged in poultry products to supplement its products.

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Paul Mampilly- Contributions in the financial sector

The role of a financial mentor in a business environment is not something that can be ignored. Investment mentors help novice investors to make the right investment decisions. At a time when people are looking for the best investment information, and looking to make decisions which will enable them to get the financial freedom they relish, financial experts are making sure a great contribution with the analysis of the markets. It is a fact that many people who want to make investments do not have experience and even the knowledge to pick the best gainers. Stock markets can be very difficult for people who have never made an investment or who have no experience in the analysis that should be done. Follow Paul on Facebook.


Paul Mampilly is an expert who has recognized the huge contribution that he can make in the industry. With his knowledge of investment, he is now able to help thousands of people who otherwise would be struggling to invest make money by choosing the right stocks. Paul Mampilly has been in the financial sector since 1991. He has worked with top companies and banking institutions in the world as an investor and therefore, he knows what it involves making the right investment decisions. He has assisted the wealthy in Wall Street make money through his knowledge in the markets. He has been there for two decades, and therefore his knowledge and experience cannot be dismissed. Whenever he talks about investment, he knows what he is talking about. Follow Paul on Medium.

Paul Mampilly left Wall Street because he felt that he was only helping a small part of the Americans to make money. With the wealth of information that he possesses he could make a bigger impact in the lives of many Americans who are looking for opportunities to invest in the right markets. In pursuit of financial freedom, many Americans are willing to find the right information from the experienced investors who can show them the way.

Paul Mampilly has worked with ING, Deutsche Bank and Bank of Scotland. With this experience he has accrued from these institutions, he has now decided that the ordinary American need to benefit from it. He is publishing various informative writing through the Banyan Hill Publishing. He has a newsletter known as “Profits unlimited” which picks the best stocks every year and recommends to the subscribers. He has a way of picking the best gainers of the year through his tested method of investing.


A Safe Place to Invest: Highland Capital Management

According to, Highland Capital Management offers safe, loyal, and time-tested security with regards to managing a personal financial portfolio. High Capital Management has been around since 1987, and their integrity has been tested through the years, and they still seem to be doing all of the right things. When a person asks themselves if listening to a team of experts about their investments, and their earnings is a good idea, several questions can run through their mind. it is comforting to know that business is accredited, and has also been around for a number of decades. According Highland Capital Management works for clients in public, corporate, and private sectors of business. In other words, their client base is diverse. also states that the services provided are not limited to portfolio management, but also includes product customization and risk optimization. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

In an article that was published by, Highland Capital also focuses on expanding their ideas, and their mission to parts of the world such as Argentina. They continue assess the risks and benefits, and strive to focus on long, and sustainable goals, that will benefit both of the parties involved. Based in Dallas, Texas and connecting to other parts of the world, such as Argentina is a good thing. In today’s world, distance is becoming quite irrelevant at times, and with the “smaller world,” comes new innovations and also, responsibilities. Read more at is a convenient place to look at a companies overall track records throughout the course of their career. This website also helps investors to pick the right company for them based on statistics and facts. It is note-worthy to write that according to crunchbase, Highland Capital Management has always been stable, and their overall client base, and capital continues to increase with time, and not decrease. It is expected from a wide variety of sources that Highland Capital Financial will be around for years to come.


Ricardo Tosto Provides Business Law Consultation In Brazil

Looking for a reliable and reputable business law expert? Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the leading business and corporate attorneys in Brazil and is available to provide excellent legal solution to businesses and entrepreneurs.Buying and selling of businesses can be a complex issue for many entrepreneurs. Closing and winding down an organization involve complex processes, requiring a lot of documents. A business lawyer can help in these instances and ensure that you are provided the advice and guidance you need to handle the situation properly. Mergers and acquisitions require diligence and scrutiny and it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side throughout the transaction.

Company incorporation is another area that requires the expertise of a business lawyer. This tpe of legal structure allows your company to operate as a separate entity and under its own identity, freeing you from company’s liabilities.Tax returns and small claims also require the guidance of a business lawyer. A good lawyer will be of tremendous help when it comes to getting tax refunds.Another important area that a lawyer’s advice or input is required is breach of contract. Dishonoring written agreements is something that happens from time to time in the business world.

To be sure the situation is handled appropriately, you need a competent lawyer to advise you.Ricardo Tosto has been in practice for years and is well recognized as a leading litigation lawyer.  Ricardo Tosto owns and runs a prominent law firm that caters to a wide variety of clients and comes highly recommended. When you consult with Ricardo Tosto, he will work with you to ensure that your business processes and legal issues are well taken care of it. He will advise you on how to stay in compliance with the rules and regulations of your industry.As an experienced lawyer and corporate and business law litigator, Mr Ricardo Tosto has top notch resources to help clients attain the outcome they desire. He works closely with clients to come up with the right strategy to address their situation.

Ronald Fowlkes’ Work and Play

Ronald Fowlkes is a business development professional working with Eagle Industries Unlimited. In this line of work, he specializes in commercial products as well as law enforcement. In this job, his responsibilities include product education- to more than 150 sales individuals and selection of products for sale or development.


His current position borrows heavily from his experience working for the department of defense in a contractual capacity. Equally important and helpful to his current position is his time serving as a Marine. He was in the ‘Navy-Marine Corps where he acquired tactical training. His over thirteen years experience in law enforcement is a big plus in his portfolio.


Department of Defense


As a Department of Defense contractor, Ronald and the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization- JIEDDO worked as a team in Iraq. With the Army in US, some of his duties included the instruction of military personnel of the US in matters of tactical operations. In addition, he was responsible for infantry operations’ mounting and dismountingin the combat zones. Ronald also worked in hostage rescue operations, evidence collection and analysis of blast scenarios. Ronald was involved in tactical questioning of captured and detained people.


Law Enforcement


In total, Ronald has more than 13 years in law enforcement. He worked with the ‘St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’ for 10 years and later with the ‘St. Louis County Police Department’ for three years. Since 2003, Ronald worked as a team leader where he earned his certification as instructor in defensive tactics, SWAT warfare tactics and URBAN tactics as well. Ronald also instructs in tactical rifle and shoot house. He was responsible for hostage incidents and ‘high risk entries’. In times when his unit was not required tactically, it was working on cases of gang activity, narcotics trafficking and illegal gun possession. His team is also charged with dealing with civil disobedience incidences and WMD responses.


Other Engagements


Between the years of 1989 and 1993, Ronald served in the Marine Corps and was twice promoted. He was recognized as ‘veteran of Gulf War I’. In promoting his credentials, Ronald got basic training in an engineer course. At ANGLICO, Ronald conducted operations like mission ‘air and naval gunfire’ as well as reconnaissance. In these missions, Ronald tried many radios- encrypted and otherwise.




As an individual who likes the outdoor activities, it is no wonder that Ronald is enthusiastic about hockey. He is involved in the sport in various capacities. Through coaching his son’s hockey team, he spends time with the lad teaching him some moves.

Meet the Brain behind OVME: Dr. Mark McKenna

Flexibility is key to success in entrepreneurship. It is only the ability to change the business world that enhances productivity. Dr. Mark McKenna understands this Cleary. Why is that so? Dr. Mark grew in the lineage of doctors, where his father is a surgeon. It is the admiration of his father and the environment he grew in that influenced his career and became a surgeon as well.

With time, Dr. Mark McKenna discovered that his passion was in the real estate field. He took a break from the medical world to pursue his dream, and this was when he began the McKenna Venture Investments. The business was flourishing until the Hurricane Katrina happened. Natural disasters occur once in a lifetime but can have adverse effects. The Hurricane destroyed most of the McKenna ventures property. His employees and clients were also scattered, and this made it difficult to coordinate business.

After the natural disaster, everyone was buying houses through financing because they had no personal assets. This was a setback to the real estate department. With the instability of the firm he had to move on to another venture, and this was his second passion: medicine.

He relocated to Atlanta in 2007 and a decade later, he launched OVME. OVME is pronounced as ‘’of me’’. The name shows the impact that you feel about yourself after acquiring their services. They offer aesthetics services in a more friendly set up. They are launching a program, which clients will use to have service providers sent to them.

Many people have ideas which they never bring to life and yet that is the whole point of entrepreneurship. Dr. Mark McKenna believes in the power of visualization as an effective way of bringing one’s goals into life. He explains that if you can visualize positive results of a project, you are likely to work until you achieve the results. He also practices meditation. This he says helps in organizing his mind and makes it free to evaluate his plans.

The other trait that Dr. Mark McKenna has that attributes to his success is his reading habit. He says there is so much knowledge that’s hidden in books. His favorite book is, ‘’Think and Grow Rich’’.


The Magic of MB2 Dental

During a recent interview on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network on Enterprise Radio, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva spoke about the magic of MB2 Dental. He founded MB2 Dental so that doctors can focus on what they do best, which is providing excellent dental care to their patients. There are two sides of the dental industry. There is the private practice side, and then there is the corporate and executive side. MB2 Dental magically combines the two to give dentists the best of the best.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva was asked what inspired him to start MB2 Dental and how MB2 Dental is different than all the other dental corporations that are out there. He answered that he founded it in order to help the little guy compete with the big guys. As mentioned, there are two sides of the dental industry. Each side has its own unique benefits, but each side also has its own unique challenges. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva wanted to combine the benefits of both sides. He wanted to help private practitioners stay private and enjoy the benefits of running a solo practice while enjoying the vast resources and talent aggregation that is present in the large dental group firms. He wanted to create a group of dentists who would remain private practitioners but would still be able to support each other so that they can build up a network that would provide them with the same talent aggregation and economic opportunities that are provided to dentists who join large group firms, and learn more about Dr. Chris Villanueva.

One of the benefits of such a plan is that dentists will not have to waste their time on the executive and corporate side of the practice. In other words, they will not have to spend time working on things such as accounting and marketing. This will enable them to focus exclusively on providing their patients with excellent care, which is what dentists are really there to do. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva pointed out that many private practitioners will not work a full work week, simply because they have to set aside time to focus on the business and managerial side of their practice. The magic of MB2 Dental is that its dentists can now work full time, even six days a week, doing what dentists are supposed to do and what they went to school for, and

The Many Benefits of Neurocore Therapy

When the brain is in total balance with the body, the movie continues to play. When the brain gets out of balance with the body, the movie will pause or stop. Once total balance occurs the movie continues to play. This reward based system combines neurofeedback and biofeedback therapy. The movie continues to play while the brain is balanced and calm. If the breathing or brain activity becomes stressed, the movie will pause or stop. This type of therapy helps the patient realize when they are experiencing a stressful situation. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Based in western Michigan, neuropsychologist Dr. Tim Royer established Neurocore in 2004. Neurocore specializes in biofeedback and neurofeedback therapy. This type of therapy treats serious conditions, from ADHD to severe depression. This psychological therapy is designed to change a patient’s response to a stressful situation. While watching a movie, the biofeedback patients are connected to electrodes. The electrodes measure their heart rate, breathing and brain waves. For accuracy, the electrodes are attached to the patients head and ears.

Unlike costly prescriptions, neurofeedback and biofeedback therapy does not have any negative impact on the patient. With this therapy, patients realize when they are in a stressful situation. Therefore, they can use stress management techniques such as controlled deep breathing to manage the situation. Utilizing this therapy, many patients eliminate prescriptions used to cope with depression, ADHD and other psychological conditions.



Clinicians combine the benefits of biofeedback and neurofeedback to treat many psychological conditions. This therapy works best for patients suffering from ADHD and clinical depression. Statistics demonstrate that one in three children between the ages of three to seventeen suffers from ADHD. Medical professionals estimate that about fifteen million people in the United States have depression. Therefore, by utilizing neurofeedback, (charting brain activity), and biofeedback many patients make a complete recovery from their illness. Visit to know more about Neurocore.