Meet the Brain behind OVME: Dr. Mark McKenna

Flexibility is key to success in entrepreneurship. It is only the ability to change the business world that enhances productivity. Dr. Mark McKenna understands this Cleary. Why is that so? Dr. Mark grew in the lineage of doctors, where his father is a surgeon. It is the admiration of his father and the environment he grew in that influenced his career and became a surgeon as well.

With time, Dr. Mark McKenna discovered that his passion was in the real estate field. He took a break from the medical world to pursue his dream, and this was when he began the McKenna Venture Investments. The business was flourishing until the Hurricane Katrina happened. Natural disasters occur once in a lifetime but can have adverse effects. The Hurricane destroyed most of the McKenna ventures property. His employees and clients were also scattered, and this made it difficult to coordinate business.

After the natural disaster, everyone was buying houses through financing because they had no personal assets. This was a setback to the real estate department. With the instability of the firm he had to move on to another venture, and this was his second passion: medicine.

He relocated to Atlanta in 2007 and a decade later, he launched OVME. OVME is pronounced as ‘’of me’’. The name shows the impact that you feel about yourself after acquiring their services. They offer aesthetics services in a more friendly set up. They are launching a program, which clients will use to have service providers sent to them.

Many people have ideas which they never bring to life and yet that is the whole point of entrepreneurship. Dr. Mark McKenna believes in the power of visualization as an effective way of bringing one’s goals into life. He explains that if you can visualize positive results of a project, you are likely to work until you achieve the results. He also practices meditation. This he says helps in organizing his mind and makes it free to evaluate his plans.

The other trait that Dr. Mark McKenna has that attributes to his success is his reading habit. He says there is so much knowledge that’s hidden in books. His favorite book is, ‘’Think and Grow Rich’’.


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