Madison Street Capital’s Successful Track Record In Business Dealings

Madison Street Capital leaves a hip of positive reviews with every client that benefits from their business dealings. In the recent transaction of finalizing a merger between Spitfire Group and DCG Software, Madison proved its commitment by adhering to all the players’ requirements. The managing director of the firm, Jay Rodgers, received high appraisals from DCG Software, alongside his superior, the chief executive officer, Charles Botchway.


DCG Software began operating in 1994 and produces software for businesses. The firm operates from its headquarter office in Pennsylvania and recently entered into a merger with Spitfire Group to enhance their productivity. Spitfire Group is set to improve DCG’s approach in resolving technical issues, raise their technological architecture and create high-level tech. The CEO of DCG commented that Madison is a diligent investment firm with an unwavering commitment to its business transactions.


Another successful transaction by Madison Street Capital is the financial advisory it offered WLR Automotive Group on a leaseback transaction valued at $13.2 million. The company raised money to invest in its industry by increasing its assets. The chief executive officer of the firm recognized Madison’s effort in the contract and attributed their forthcoming success to the effort of Madison’s staff.


Madison Street Capital was holding glue in the debt refinancing of ARES Security Corporation. Madison has a longstanding relationship with the firm and ensured that they acquired a well-reputed investment partner. Ben Eazzata of ARES Security stated that Madison applied the due analytical skills and negotiations to meet the requirements of the board and advance the firm’s long-term vision.


Madison Street Capital recently received an honor for its staff’s work ethic. The award recognized Madison’s input I industrial and trade platforms, where thy display unrelenting effort towards success. The 40 Under Forty Awards also honored Madison’s co-founder Anthony Marsala, for his innovative spirit, which is forthcoming in society. Learn more:


The Madison Street Capital reputation stipulates that it works coperatively with various organizations within and without the United States. The firm has branches in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. Madison has its headquarter office in Illinois and seeks to open more offices across the world. It has a specialization in investment banking, performing financial valuations, purchasing hedge funds, private equity and offering quality corporate services. Apart from its vigorous business dealings, Madison Street Capital has an active role in society’s philanthropy. It has made several contributions to the United Way Disaster Relief Fund to help alleviate the suffering caused by natural disasters.

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