LimeCrime Friend To The Fabulous And The Fury

LimeCrime, a popular cosmetic company located in Woodland Hills, California, has been growing their product offerings over recent years as they expand their vegan line of cosmetics. Recently they debuted their Venus XL eyeshadow palettes, calling them “the ultimate grunge shadow palette”. The Venus XL palette comes in 18 shades, and best of all, comes with no worries about our little fury friends because it is totally vegan.

The LimeCrime brand is totally, one hundred percent vegan. And yes, that’s right, they never test on animals. Lime Crime Strives to be a bold and friendly brand, including being friendly to the little creatures of the animal kingdom.

The company’s message is that no two people should have to be alike, or look alike. Originality is gold, and uniqueness is key in Lime Crime’s mission to beautify the world. There is a specific authenticity behind a well shaped look that includes fashion, and makeup. As humans we thirst for outlets for self expression, fashion and cosmetics, for some, is the perfect outlet.

Just as Picasso’s handiwork is a work of art, so is well placed eyeshadow. In a world where uniformity and self conscious behavior is easy to fall into, Lime Crime is encouraging the individualists and none conformists to blossom and express themselves without inhibitions or worries of what others might think.

While other brands express similar ideals, Lime Crime’s mission of encouraging bold self expression is tied in with a gentle message of no cruelty to animals. Lime Crime is Leaping Bunny Certified, meaning they cover the strict guidelines of coalitions such as the humane society, and other animal protection groups, to be certain that no animals are tested on or animal products are used in the making of Lime Crime products.

In world where individualism and special care for the smaller creatures around us is hard to come by, it’s nice have entirely vegan, none cruelty companies like LimeCrime.

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