How Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Became The Queen Of Branding

Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of hugely successful makeup line Lime Crime, has been true to herself since she was a little girl. Originally born in Russia, but raised in New York, Deere recalls memories of playing dress-up in her mother’s bedroom and smearing bold-colored makeup on her face at childhood slumber parties.


As the founder and CEO of a remarkably successful business, Deere still maintains elements of that inner child with everything that she does. Her Unicorn Lipsticks, for instance, come in super bright shades and its packaging depicts metallic unicorns against a hot pink backdrop. One iridescent lip gloss line she recently developed called “Diamond Crushers” promises to make you “sparkle like a fairy on acid.”


Even the Lime Crime website is a work of whimsical, fantasy-inspired art, decorated in bright pastels and cartoon animals. Every product description evokes an imaginative dreamland that excites the imaginations of makeup lovers of all ages.


When Deere started her company in 2008, she was determined to stick to her own image of bold, bright and fun imagery. At the time, major makeup brands were going for a chic, sophisticated and understated image, but Deere refused to play by the rules.


By staying devoted to her own unique brand, Doe set new trends in the beauty industry. Today, many high-end cosmetics brands are copying her playful and bright vision. This doesn’t bother her, however, because her company is thriving today more than ever; millennial fashion haven Urban Outfitters now carries Lime Crime cosmetics and her Instagram account boasts almost 500,000 followers. The company’s sales continue to increase with every year, as well.


Just because Deere had a clear brand in mind doesn’t mean that her road to success has always been easy. In 2014, a security breach almost killed her business forever. The Lime Crime website was hacked, leaving countless customers vulnerable with their personal information stolen. Deere had to work tirelessly to regain the loyalty of her customers and introduce new strategies in security and customer service.


Deere succeeded in maintaining her customer fan base, and Lime Crime continues to capture the dreamy imaginations of makeup lovers of every age. If there is one thing she credits for her success, its her keen understanding of her brand as well as her commitment to sticking to it. Never once has Deere changed her unique vision to match the current trends, and because of that, she has set trends herself.


With a strong knowledge of social media and a flair for developing new and exciting beauty products, Deere has turned her dream into a reality. Her brand’s image is now mimicked across the world, and her customers anxiously await new products to appear on Lime Crime’s website. Doe’s playful world of color has allowed her customers to embrace their own colorful imaginations.


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