How Fabletics Uses The Reverse Showroom Technique To Bring In More Sales

In just three years, Kate Hudson’s athletic fashion brand “Fabletics” has managed to amaze consumers and business enthusiasts alike with its endless stream of innovative marketing strategies. Having earned $250 million in sales within its short lifespan, Hudson continues to propel her brand forward with new business strategies from which all online business owners should take note.


Hudson launched the brand to provide women of all shapes and sizes with a convenient and affordable way to purchase athletic apparel. She created the company using the subscription service business model which allows users to receive a workout outfit of their choice each month for a monthly fee. The company was an instant success with subscribers growing steadily.


By now, Fabletics has opened several brick-and-mortar stores across the country. Although some found this to be an unusual move thanks to giants like Amazon outdoing physical stores in terms of revenue, the decision paid off, earning the company significantly more in profit. The company has plans to open more physical stores worldwide within the next three to five years.


Part of the success of these brick-and-mortar stores has to do with the use of the relatively new “reverse showroom” technique.

Smartly, Fabletics stocks the store based on user data gathered from the brand’s website. By studying trends and sales in particular regions, the company can then stock each individual store with products that they know perform well in that specific area.


Additionally, Hudson is using social media to her business advantage. Fabletics has an immense social media following and uses platforms such as Instagram to interact with its millions of customers. Because of this dedication to engaging the brand’s followers, the company is able to select items to be sold in stores based on how well they perform on these platforms in terms of likes, shares and comments.


Although Hudson didn’t invent the reverse showroom concept, she is the first to apply it to an e-commerce apparel brand. Companies like Apple have been using it for several years with much success, and it’s expected to grow in popularity as e-commerce continues to take over the consumer market.


While innovative and risky practices like this are a large part of the company’s success, Hudson believes that ultimately the products themselves are the backbone of the company. Fabletics apparel items are significantly more affordable than athletic apparel items sold by its competitors, yet the products are just as high in quality. Fans of the brand also find that they can find apparel items which are more fitted to their unique body type.


Fabletics has seen incredible growth annually and has struck a chord with fashion consumers across the world.

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