Doe Deere: Success In Following Your Heart

As women, we search for self-expression. Times have changed, and women, more and more, are finding themselves to be successful career women and entrepreneurs. But who has opened those doors for us? There are incredible women over the years who have fought and persevered to open doors for those who walk after. One of these women is Doe Deere. She is the perfect example of someone who has built her brand into the successful company it is today. Lime Crime Cosmetics, the unique business Doe Deere founded, is the perfect supporter of us to express our individuality and creativity. Learn more:

Lime Crime cosmetics gives us an outlet to express ourselves through bold colors and brave make up statements. Fashion changes daily, and our make up can do the same. Doe Deere gives us permission to wake up in the morning and make up our faces to mirror how we are feeling that particular day.

With the mission to revolutionize the make up world while keeping the product vegan and “cruel-free”, Lime Crime is changing the way we see our cosmetics. Doe Deere had always been attracted to art and bold colors ever since she was a small child. She based her brand on that love for colors and boldness, proving that skills and interests we possess as a child can be carried through to success as adults. Her inspirational journey has motivated women all over the world to express their individuality and to stand out of the crowd.

Doe Deere has shown women that with hard work, determination and a bit of artistic magic, we can do anything to make our dreams come true and be successful. As women, we are built to be strong and unique. We have a voice because of women like Doe Deere who have come before us paving the way to success. She is constantly empowering women to see their potential and to be an individual. She has taken life lessons from each life experience, and inspires us to follow in her footsteps but in our own way.

Doe Deere helps us all see how we can grow into who we are meant to be, and she helps us see through Lime Crime that it’s okay to be our own bold, colorful selves.

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