Betsy DeVos, Education Reformer

“She’s as genuine and regular a person as you could meet…Just a regular person who happens to be a millionaire or billionaire,” says Gary Naeyaert, a former director of a charter school reform group which was founded by Betsy DeVos, current Secretary of Education in the Trump administration.


She is, however, a magnet for controversy in various education sectors. She was active in Michigan politics as a Republican Party Chairwoman and has donated generous amounts to the party. She and her husband Dick, also active in politics, donate heavily to conservative think tanks and believe strongly in the free-market ideology.


She was described by a former GOP attorney general in the state as “very determined, steely when she sets her mind on a goal.” Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, an opponent of charter schools and vouchers, describes her as “personable, plain-spoken, but she is dangerous.”


She and her family were all educated in private schools. One of her goals was to share public school funds with religious schools. She supports run-for-profit schools and believes regulations for them should be free of regulations and performance standards. The free market should determine where children should go to school, according to their parents’ decision.


She has been criticized for education programs she advocated for children in Detroit, one of the lowest performing school systems in the nation. Charter school tried and failed to raise education levels. Many have closed. Some critics are hopeful that the failure will lead to a greater emphasis on raising public school levels.

Naeyaert says the failures were not her fault. Despite her efforts, it was the Detroit Public Schools system is dysfunctional and unable to teach the kids. He also said there are too many “entrenched special interest groups” fighting it. He feels the city of Detroit is losing a sense of community.


The Devos family has made major donations to improve the city of Grand Rapids. Their names are found on many of the buildings which have been built with substantial funds from their abundant wealth. They have revitalized the city, evidence being bustling breweries and restaurants.


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Francisco Domenech Biography

As a lawyer practising politician, Francisco Domenech is a widely recognised for his resilience. Francisco was born in San Juan Puerto Rico on 29th April 1978. He attended some of the most prestigious schools enabling him to have a rich educational background. In his junior years, he attended Forest High School. Later on, he attained a degree in BA political science from the University of Puerto Rico. He received his JD from the same university in 2003.

Early during his university years, Domenech started engaging in politics. For one academic year, he served as the president of the student body council at the university. Still, on that academic year, he was elected as the University of Puerto Rico academic senator. Visit Reporter Expert to know more about Domenech.

After graduating, Domenech started to pursue his interests in politics. In 2003, he served Puerto Rico Young Democrats as the president. Under his leadership, he led a team of 14 members to hold campaigns for the Kerry and Edwards’s ticket. He was primarily involved in the gubernatorial campaign of Pedro Rossello in 2003. In 2004, Domenech was the man behind planning the YDA national meeting.

During the election of 2005, Francisco was elected to serve as the vice president of YDA. Later on, in July 2007, he became a Democratic National Committee member. He has the record of serving as YDA leader for a couple of consecutive years. In December of 2007, Hillary Clinton appointed Francisco Domenech to serve as her presidential campaigns chair.

Francisco Domenech is a leader who strives to bring the best out of the team he is working for in the political field. He has been on the lead to drive mobilising of young professionals throughout his professional career. In 2016, he served as Clinton’s campaign manager in the team that defeated Sanders. Currently, he is widely responsible for undertaking bipartisan government affairs in Puerto Rico. Check:



Betsy DeVos, an Advocate for Educational Reforms

Betsy DeVos has been for years in the forefront of the educational reform. Shortly after undertaking her vacation at Calvin College, young Betsy DeVos entered campus politics. She has since remained active in politics. Betsy DeVos has spent the past 30 years leading political action committees, political parties, and campaigns. In fact, she served as the Michigan Republic party for six years. As a reformer, reforming tendency runs in Betsy DeVos’ family. Her husband, Dick DeVos was appointed in 2006 to run for the Governor of Michigan on the Republican ticket.


In entrepreneurship as in politics, Besty DeVos strives to find innovative solutions to social problems. She currently serves as Windquest Group’s chairman. Founded in 1989, Windquest Group is a privately-held company that has interest in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. She previously worked at the Orlando Magic NBA franchise as the President as well as Amway as the Chief Executive Officer. She pursues educational reforms through philanthropic initiatives. Her charitable interest range widely. Mrs. DeVos is the chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She also serves on the boards of several local organizations such as the Kennedy Center, Kids Hope USA, DeVos Institute of Arts Management, the Foundation for Excellence Education, and Mars Hills Bible Church. Betsy DeVos is known as an influential advocate for educational reforms. In fact, she chairs the board of the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children.


In an interview with Philanthropy, Mrs. DeVos said that their program is currently sponsoring about 250,000 students in 17 states and the State of Columbia. Her movement’s growth is accelerating. Students enrolled in the educational-choice program have increased significantly. In 2012, new educational reform programs were introduced in Mississippi, Ohio, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. After conducting polling in five states, Betsy DeVos found that educational-choice program was becoming popular especially among Latinos. Betsy DeVos has been part of the educational-choice reform program since when it was considered radical. However, she says that nothing drew her in it. She was inspired to advocate for educational reforms after visiting the Potter’s House Christian School, which would support children from low-income families.


With time, Besty DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos, started to support individual students and that grew to a more extensive commitment. Today, the couple provides support to the Potter’s House Christian School at a significant level. Later on, Betsy DeVos founded a foundation that could give scholarships to children from low-income families.


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End Citizens United Endorses Missouri Ballot Initiative

End Citizens United is an organization dedicated to overturning the 2010 decision by the Supreme Court of The United States that special interest groups, the super wealthy and corporations can contribute unlimited, untraceable funds to our electoral system. The goal of these groups is to elect candidates, and support initiatives they feel will further their interests. There are many ways End Citizens United (ECU) intends to fight back; one is to support candidates and initiatives starting at the state level.


On May 22 of this year, ECU announced their support for a proposed 2018 ballot initiative in the state of Missouri. This initiative known as the Clean Missouri ballot initiative is still in the signature collection stage. Once on the ballot, it is designed to increase transparency, and limit the influence of special interest groups in the state. There are several reforms in the initiative, perhaps the most important is designed to close so-called loopholes that allow several different political action committees to donate vast sums of money to one candidate. Tiffany Muller, the executive director of End Citizens United points out Eric Greitens, the governor of Missouri, has promised time and again to reform the system but in reality has used special interest money to promote his agenda. She further states Clean Missouri will lead to meaningful change and return power to the citizens of Missouri and assure them of a voice in their democracy. There are over 48,000 members of ECU in the state, and its state-level affiliate Fight for Reform will connect local activists and contributors to Clean Missouri’s ballot initiative. ECU has worked in Missouri in the past. In the last election cycle, ECU was very involved in the Missouri Senate race, endorsing Jason Kander and running $1.7 million in ads to support his candidacy.


In April, USA Today published an article about how End Citizens United is raising money to support their campaign to overturn this disastrous Supreme Court decision. So far the results have been very exciting, the group reported over $4 million collected in the first quarter of 2017. At this rate, ECU is projecting they will raise over $35 million by the 2018 midterm elections, representing a $10 million increase from 2016.


Tiffany Muller explains around 100,000 people contributed in the first three months of the year and over 40,000 of these were first-time donors. ECU feels there are several reasons for the increase in donations, among them President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. This tremendous increase in funds will make ECU the third largest PAC and assure them of having a major voice in the 2018 election cycle.