How Cotemar Company has transformed the oil and gas industry.


One of the Mexican company that is recognized for providing services and consultancies for offshore petroleum fields is COTEMAR, S.A. de C.V. The company is able to offer these services through utilizing specialized vessels. Its headquarters are in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico after it was formed in 1979.

Basically, Cotemar has been known to deal with the maintenance, overhauling, and management of containers and platforms in offshore fields. The company also offers diving equipment for integrated catering, assembly lines, service to accommodation, surveying purposes and facilities for manufacturing semi-submersible platforms. Cotemar is responsible for providing laundry and ironing services, food preparation and cleaning services. It also offers recreational facilities to employees such as gymnasium, TV rooms, cinemas, and basketball.

The firm has established a name for itself when it comes to providing an excellent quality vessel for transportation purposes of necessary equipment required for various activities such as removing abrasive material, oil drilling among others. When it comes to services needed for refining and processing oil extracted from the sea, you can always depend in Cotemar to help you out. This refined oil is then transported to the right are of distribution all courtesy of Cotemar.

The firm operates a hundred percent inside Mexico as it is a gas and oil company. Apart from dealing with oil and gas, it also offers accommodation and catering services to workers on the offshore oil rigs. It’s hard to find a company where you can find everything under one roof, but with Cotemar you are assured of having all your needs met. Vessels that offer transportation for construction materials and workers are also available to the Company.

Cotemar’s logistic portion operates under the name Apoyo Logistico Marino consisting of a specialized fleet of modernized boots that are brand new. In cases of specialized needs, small tugboats are used since large boats are used for transporting materials. In instances of oil spills or fires, there are boats specialized for responding to emergencies only.

The firm takes safety very seriously, and this is why the Firm employs the usage of modern technology to primarily reduce any instances of accidents that will affect their day to day operations. With this, the company incurs minimal losses and massive profits. Having your services affected negatively brings about problems as this may lead to your business losing potential clients.

To avoid all this, it is important to always put safety as the first thing before anything else. When you can offer services that are safe, you are assured to gaining your clients trust something Cotemar has done over the years since it was founded.

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