The Rising Star that is Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is currently the managing director of Global Head of Investor Relations. He is also a partner at Angelo, Gordon . Henry was previously the head of investor relations at Fortress Investment Group as well as director of strategic solutions at Schroder Investment Management Limited. After his education at Institute of Actuaries in the UK in 2004, Gareth took up his first job as director of Schroders, where he served for close to two years.

He then joined Fortress Investment Group as the Global Head of Investor Relations, Fortress Liquid Markets in 2004. During his tenure in Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry worked hard to ensure that investors were making good decisions especially those that pertain to international investments. In 2004 for instance, he pointed out Brazil as a good investment spot during the country’s electioneering period. The interest rates were good and Henry was sure that the trades were going to be good even after the election period.

Professionally, Gareth Henry is an expert in this field. he has helped many firms get through their challenges by handling them strategically. His main profession of measuring and managing risks and uncertainties has given him a great reputation in the finance and investment sector. The 2011 Institutional Investor Hedge Fund 30 Rising Stars chose him among other rising stars as professionals who had demonstrated great expertise and those that had excellent reputation in the field they represented. He was among the 30 professionals who were thinking and doing what they do differently. This is one of the things that have made Gareth Henry a great success in his career.

His appointment at the Global Head of Investor and client Relations did not come as a surprise owing to his great skills and experience in global investments. He has earned Fortress Investment Group many awards including the Institutional Investor’s Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year 2011. He has helped build relationships for the company in the European, Middle Eastern and African Market as well as in raising capital to ensure that the company’s operations are better than before. Gareth Henry is indeed a rising star.

Fortress Investment Group Expands into WiFi

Fortress Investment Group, one of today’s largest alternative asset managers, has recently concluded a $20M financing round with iPass. The credit will be released in different segments, with the initial $10M available immediately to iPass. Consumers will recognize the company through their endeavors named iPass SmartConnect and Veri-Fi brand of products. The financing is going to be used by the tech company to close some of their recent profitability gaps and strengthen their balance sheet.

The partnership between iPass and Fortress Investment Group creates a synergy for both parties and provides investors in the fund with a strong stake in the wifi industry. In addition to providing millions of wifi hotspots, iPass is also enhancing their cloud and SaaS offerings. This latest investment from Fortress Investment Group will provide the funding that is needed to improve their cloud-based business lines and expand their consumer products. As a public company, Fortress Investment Group is keenly aware of its profile and the effect that its investments and financing moves have on the overall market.

The investment from Fortress Investment Group will allow iPass to increase its offerings on a global basis, allowing its customers to access a strong wifi connection wherever they are in the world. This technology has important implications for areas that are currently underserved by more traditional internet service providers. It is the goal of iPass to provide seamless connectivity to their clients on a global basis.

The current assets and patent holdings that iPass has through their SmartConnect and VeriFi services also allow customers to access roaming services on nearly all areas of the globe. It is expected that the demand for such services will only increase as more and more firms move to a remote-work model. With a larger percentage of employees able to work from anywhere in the world, the need for secure and dependable wifi service will become even more important.

FIG is excited about the future with iPass and providing the capital that is necessary to build a truly global wifi interface that will serve millions of people wherever they are in the world.

Igor Cornelsen Reveals the Secret Behind Investing in the Brazilian Market

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investment expert from Brazil. Over the years, he has advised the Brazilian market about sound investment schemes. Cornelsen recommends that knowledge is the secret weapon to gain control over the Brazilian market. Igor Cornelsen advises people to invest in damaged stocks instead of damaged companies because the former has the potential for growth while the latter will lead to losses.

Investment Tips for New Investors

Cornelsen decided to advise new investors who were fresh in the Brazilian stock market. First, new investors should know renowned investors in Brazil. This is because the Brazilian economy encompasses private and public sectors and is ranked number eight worldwide. Additionally, the Brazilian economy is currently the largest in South America. As a result at, Brazil has many privately owned and state-owned commercial and investment banks that keep boosting the growing economy.

Secondly, Brazil’s investment environment is welcoming to foreign investors. The appointment on of the finance minister, Joaquin Levy, promises a prosperous future in the investment of stocks as well as the financial industry. Levy gives new hope after the massive failure that occurred in the market when Brazil created a new economy.

Thirdly, Igor Cornelsen suggested that new foreigners should be keen when exploring Brazil’s trading partners before planning to invest in the economy. He added that connecting the markets would lead to higher profits. For instance, China is Brazil’s largest trading partner.

Finally, new investors should be aware of the inflation in Brazil. Currently, Brazil has an overvalued currency on Tumblr. Furthermore, the present account deficits are caused by the exporting of industrialized goods to loose competitiveness. As a result, the Central Bank of Brazil has been locally selling dollar swaps to avoid a rapid depreciation of the currency. The Brazillian economy still supports both domestic and foreign investments to ensure its growth and expansion despite the country’s overvalued currency.

The Value of Investing

Investing provides a regular income especially when an individual is approaching or has entered retirement. Thus, they need a steady income to cover their daily expenses. Investments such as equities, bonds, and property can provide a regular revenue stream that is always higher than the level of inflation.

Alternative Investment Expert: Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider founded Ascendant Capital LLC, a company that he serves as the CEO a team of financial experts who are experienced in providing alternative packages to a well-known clientele. Before starting Ascendant Capital, he was working as an employee at Paradigm Global Advisors as well as the Axiom Capital Management. Previous he has worked at Alex Brown, Smith Barney as well as Merrill Lynch where he acquired a lot of knowledge as well as experience in the investment and financial strategies.

Schneider is an expert of the alternative investment, he has made a good reputation in the industry, as more and more investor continue to seek his services. He is also known for his philanthropic activities. As the CEO of Ascendant Capital LCC he has made a lot of efforts to generate impressive figures and at the same time kept his employee happy. He works with other charitable organization as a way of giving back to the society.

After identifying a unique gap in the industry of investment Schneider started his Ascendant Capital. He knew that wealthy individuals, as well as a large corporation, were seeking ways to diversify their investment portfolios and thus reduce the risks of investment. Through this knowledge, he came up with the technique of offering alternative investment strategies.

Based in Austin, Ascendant Capital has over 30 full-time employees are structural as well as financial professionals. Under the leadership of Jeffry Schneider, the Ascendant team leads a crucial role in the driving of the investment ideas to the clients, their roles include sourcing, structuring as well as supporting. Schneider has over 24 years’ experience of offering financial investment solution there his leadership in the firm is highly respected.

During his business days, the responsibility of Schneider is to perform a role of acquiring new strategies to increase the capital for starting or new alternative investment funds investors. He believes that teamwork is necessary toward acceleration of goals, partners with other industry stakeholders to make sure that these products reach out on a global scale for both the private as well as public clients. He also makes sure that the objective of the firm is easily achievable through partnering with the registered investment advisors, private banks, family offices as well as brokers-dealers.

The most important thing for the investor is numbers because number don’t lie. Over the years Ascendant has grown a lot over an impressive the past 5 years. Schneider along with his company blend team of professional financial expert have managed to come up with nearing $1 billion in funding to alternative asset funding from investors. The network of the company with the external stakeholders, the company has managed to establish a relationship with over 50 brokers as well as 250 private investment advisory companies whom they work together with.

How to Do Before Investing in Brazil

Brazil is a large country with huge potential. This Latin American nation began a prosperous journey after the year 2000. It has lasted until 2014. The commodity boom had ended and the country has fallen into recession.

What’s more, there’s growing political instability in this nation of 200 million people. Just recently, the nation’s president, Dilma Rousseff, has been removed from the office while corruption investigation takes place.

Yet, many investors feel the country offers great long-term opportunities. Igor Cornelsen, a former top investment banker in Brazil, has some advise for those looking to invest in his homeland.

One important thing, Igor Cornelsen claims, is to establish good partnerships with the local entrepreneurs. If reliable partners are found, then doing business in Brazil should be easier. After all, the local people know all the ins and outs.

Igor Cornelsen also advises to get ready to deal with massive bureaucracy and excessive regulations. That’s part of doing business in Brazil.

Finally, investors are advised to learn all the rules about repatriating profits from Brazil. In fact, different exchange rates apply depending on the types of transactions performed.

Although Mr. Igor Cornelsen is currently retired from banking, he still gets involved in investment management and also likes to spend some of his time playing golf in Florida.

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US Money Reserve’s Recent Gain of Exposure

The President of US Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, recently represented the company on Enterprise Radio, a popular financial news outlet. Listeners found more about Diehl’s extensive financial background, even serving as director of the US Mint. Diehl helped contribute towards the 50 States Quarter program and other special coins.  Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials –

Philip Diehl has liberally applied principles taken from his tenure at the US Mint to US Money Reserve, helping build the country’s most popular distributor of precious metals. Just this year, Diehl spawned the idea for a self-directed precious metal IRA where purchasers of precious metals physically hold precious metals, a program that already has thousands of participants.

US Money Reserve is one of the nation’s most popular distributors of high-quality gold, silver, and platinum. US Money Reserve offers a wide variety of rare, misprinted, and mint gold, silver, and platinum coins from a number of countries. Although the majority of coins are printed by the US Mint, US Money Reserve offers authentic minted coins from Canada, South Africa, and Austria. US Money Reserve has served more than 300,000 happy customers since its inception in 2001.

All bars and bullion are guaranteed pure and blemish-free, sourced directly from the world’s most trusted foundries.

Products from US Money Reserve are geared towards both investors and collectors. Bars and bullion hold little value outside of their weight in gold or silver, whereas the condition and rarity of coins make up the entirety of their values.

More about US Money Reserve’s recent feature on EPN’s Enterprise Radio can be found at CBS19.

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Investing Gets Easier With Martin Lustgarten

There are a lot of people who want to invest but do not know what they are going to invest in. These people need as much guidance as they can get, and the only way to get guidance is to work with someone like Martin Lustgarten. Anyone who comes to Martin Lustgarten for help is going to find out the best places to invest their money, and Martin Lustgarten knows what needs to be done to make sure that his clients are making a lot of money.


Martin Lustgarten is an Austrian and Venezuelan by birth, and he wants to help everyone get into international investment like he is.  There are a lot of places to go to make sure that people are making a lot of money, and Martin Lustgarten has been looking into all the countries in the world to see how they will work for his clients. He invests in these countries on his own, and he knows which places will work the best for his clients.


There are a lot of clients who are going to have a full time income because of Martin Lustgarten, and they all need to ask him if he is going to be able to help them pick out the right places to invest. The right place is important, but it is also important that people are investing in the right companies. Picking the right companies makes a big difference for someone like Martin Lustgarten, and it helps him make just as much money as his clients.


Anyone who comes to Martin Lustgarten for help is going to learn how to make the most money in an easy manner. They are going to learn where to invest based on politics and the potential of every country. Martin Lustgarten will handle the investments, and he will recommend the right places to invest based on his experience. His portfolio speaks to his success in this area.

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