Irish Football Fans Edits Robert Brady’s Wikipedia Page

Robert Brady helped Ireland to secure a place in round 16 of Euro 2016 football competition by scoring the winning goal against Italy. If the hilarious edits are anything to go by, Brady was the most famous individual in Ireland after the match finished. Irish football fans expressed their joy by making funny Wiki edits on the footballer’s Wikipedia page. After the match against Italy ended, the footballer’s fans had edited his Wikipedia page over 100 times. The fans used biblical phrases to refer to Brady, some even calling him the messiah and Jesus Christ. However, the moderators were busy changing the edits back frustrating the efforts of excited football fans.

Importance of Wikipedia 

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Importance of following guidelines 

Pages created without adhering to Wikipedia’s manual of style are flagged or removed. The website does not condone the creation of promotional or biased content. Follow the following steps to create a Wikipedia page.

Step 1

Confirm if your business is popular and has several articles or essays about it that are available online.

Step 2

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Step 3

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