American Institute Of Architects, Designing For The Future

The American Institute of Architects is an organization that represents the profession in government. Known as a “Non-governmental Organization,” the group has values it expresses on behalf of its members. The organization was started in the mid-1800’s and has grown from 13 founders to well over 90,000 members and counting. AIA is based in Washington, DC, however, it has local chapters as well.

The organization has many values upon which it stands. The organization is dedicated to improving the lives of architects. AIA’s position is that architects are now forced to live below their means due to this profit margins. They attribute much of this to the fact that government and other organizations have allowed buildings and other structures to deteriorate well beyond any reasonable amount of time.

Equity and human rights are among the values AIA stands behind. They state that they are in favor of valuing all human rights for all different types and groups of people. They believe fair housing and the right to a “built environment.” Sustainability is a topic that’s also addressed. AIA states that “green” architecture brings revenue and also protects the future. Building eco-friendly buildings are important to them as these structures save energy and the environment according to Climate change is also addressed by AIA. They assert that buildings are an important part of the overall landscape, and, climate change is a threat to the safety and security of the future.

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There are many positions on the board of directors. Robert Ivy is one of the more popular members. His background includes being the Editor-in-Cheif of an architectural trade publication and, he’s also an author. His personal viewpoints are consistent with the values of the AIA. Robert Ivy also has won many awards over the years. Regular recognition for his work includes winning awards for his published works. Robert Ivy has also promoted architecture by promoting the role it plays within society being the CEO of the firm. Public awareness is among one of the topics Ivy is most passionate about. He makes it a point to speak regularly to groups about the importance of architecture.

AIA also encourages architects and others involved in the designing and building process to look beyond the scope of the status quo. They warn that “cookie cutter” designs don’t take the environment into account. They also state that inefficient buildings also create issues with wasted energy, and, that they are even a threat to security as they are vulnerable to attack in some environments. The AIA has many unique views that make it a prominent organization in the United States.

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