Doe Deere’s Limecrime Startup Blossoms

Doe Deere has been one person behind some of the new hairstyles that young millennial girls have taken up at various high schools and universities. She’s the founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetic products brand that includes hair dyes, nail polish and lipsticks and gloss. She’s often embraced the term “unicorn” to describe herself since she has exotic tastes that embody what Lime Crime is all about. Doe Deere wants every woman to be able to bring out her wild self and not feel ashamed to do so, and she believes in the power of her hair products and what her customers love in them.

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Doe Deere began her work in cosmetics in 2008 after four years in cosmetology school and experimenting with different hair product ingredients. But she grew up in Russia and was exposed to different business ideas as a teenager. In fact she even mentions in one interview that she started out in the removable tattoo business selling tattoos to friends and random people who wanted to try them. When she turned 17 she immigrated to the US originally looking to start a band and express herself through music as it was a time when the rock alternative movement was at its peak. She did meet her husband during this time, but ultimately their band did not reach the stardom she had hoped.

In 2004 she entered cosmetics school and soon opened a small makeup and cosmetics product line on eBay that gave rise to the current structure at Lime Crime. By 2008 Lime Crime had become a hit brand that opened up sales and tapped into the online customer base. In 2012 Doe Deere moved out to Los Angeles where she now runs Lime Crime headquarters and forms new ideas with her creative design team.

Doe Deere also sat down with Ideamensch to discuss her work and explain what a typical day might look at Lime Crime. A big part of the final product process is that Doe Deere always tests it out personally and gives time for the results to show so that she knows she’s selling a good product. Lime Crime’s products have all been known to be pet-friendly and safe. Do Deere loves animals, especially cats and her philanthropy consists of donating to Bide-A-Wee, a shelter for abandoned pets in New York City. Doe Deere recommends Facetune as a good tool to use for social media face photos.

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