Here’s How Fabletics’ Reverse Showroom Technique is Taking on Amazon

Many companies have aspired to grow to the heights of Amazon which controls 20% of the fashion industry while pursuing e-commerce. Since time immemorial, women activewear has been a hard one to find in the fashion industry. Finding the right fitting activewear that is fashionable, affordable, and fitting was a hard task. With Kate Hudson on board, Fabletics was able to grow tremendously thus realizing a $250 million growth in just three years. How was this possible with Fabletics? How did Kate contribute to this?


The reverse showroom. Yes, Fabletics uses this technique to grow its clientele. What the company does is that they have created a platform where customers can search and like products of their choice, and then they encourage them to subscribe to their membership plan where they’ll get tons of benefits such as convenience in shopping. Fabletics have turned internet browsing on their website to build lasting relationships with their customers, earn their loyalty, and get to know the local markets better through events and other network building activities.


The above strategy has seen Fabletics grow its customer base as 30-50% who stop over at the physical stores are already onboard, and 25% new visitors become members in the stores. Fabletics captures both retail and online buying because once you try an item in the stores, it’s automatically sent to your online shopping cart.


Does price play a big role in Fabletics? People usually associate costly items to be of high quality. But the recent shift in economics has proven that price doesn’t guarantee quality. With Fabletics, they have changed their customers’ approach to cutting on costs, efficient delivery methods, excellent customer experience, top design activewear, and good brand reputation. With all these, the company still manufactures high-quality activewear, and this strategy has largely contributed to the success of Fabletics. The company looks forward to opening more stores adding to the current sixteen stores.


Greg Throgmartin, Fabletics’ General Manager, attributes this success to establishing modern activewear that fits the needs of the modern woman and is a true definition of high-quality.


Kate Hudson has played a significant role in the brand success. Her excellent communication skills, success in the media, and having the Fabletics’ brand at heart saw the company grow to new heights. She loves the fact that the brand inspires women and empowers them to be the best they can regardless of their shape, size, or age.


Kate is also proud of the Fabletics brand as you could see her jog around in Fabletics gear. She uses the products she endorses, and as you know, this is usually not the case with many celebrities.


Be sure the take the Lifestyle Quiz to determine your Fabletics gear best fit.

Is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Ready to Compete with Amazon?

Even though there may be thousands of clothing companies competing for the same customer with Amazon, doesn’t always mean that they are going to be able to compete on the same level as the retail giant. Amazon is pulling in 20 percent of all the sales in that market, leaving all those other sellers simply scrambling for what is left. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is emerging from that pack and making huge strides at the leader. In just under a few years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already sold $250 million of women’s active-wear in their retail and online store.


Hudson gives credit for all the success of her athleisure brand to reverse showrooming and the numerous perks associated with her membership package. When you visit the Fabletics store at the mall, you see these two keys to success in action. This is not your average workout apparel shopping experience, we have women of all ages in the store and trying on all the latest in women’s active-wear. These women are also just window-shopping, talking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz, or browsing the racks of the latest leggings, tank tops, or colorful yoga pants.


To be a real contender in the fashion e-commerce market, your website has to be doing some serious business. When we visit the Fabletics e-commerce store, we discover something quite unique. Since these shoppers were inside the store at the mall trying on all the clothing, what happens is the membership kicks in and everything gets uploaded to the online shopping cart. This makes it easier to just pick up and keep shopping where you left off at the mall. Since you already know how the clothing fits, you simply buy on impulse without having to wait and see if it fits you when it arrives in the mail.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics membership perks also include free shipping for all your online orders and discounts on the active-wear. One unique perk is you get your own shopping assistant at Fabletics who takes those quiz answers and then selects one piece of apparel each month to add to your shopping cart. Looking at this from a distance, you can see that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not like Amazon in one respect, this company is all about pampering their customers at every step of the way. This is the reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is ready to compete for the top spot with Amazon in the future.