Unapologetic Confidence through Pioneering Cosmetics by Doe Deere

According to Doe Deere, beauty should feel right as opposed to looking good. The owner and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics use the power of positive reinforcement to inspire people to success. A better use of cosmetics is to improve self-expression rather than as a magic cure to people’s physical insecurities. Lime Crime’s radical approach to product development and consumer engagement has led to a cult-like following and is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.

She loves vibrant colors such as lime. This motivated the business name of Lime Crime. The name has continued to be a guiding factor in driving business growth. She believes that the future, just like her love for bright things, should be lively.

As a female entrepreneur, Doe appreciates the challenges women owners face in business. She is a vocal motivational coach and mentors upcoming female entrepreneurs through Instagram and other social media platforms.

Lime Crime exploits an opportunity that Doe identified in buyer convenience and options in vibrant color products. She ventured into creating makeup with unusual colors that defined her style better. She is the first to try out new products developed under her direction. Lime Crime’s products are revolutionary breaking traditional barriers in the beauty industry.

Doe is a big fan of disruptive technologies especially the shift from traditional markets to online platforms. She is credited with inventing the on-lip swatch for trying out lipstick products without actually applying the product to your lips. This has since become an industry standard. She is also ardent about using emergent technologies to expand her fan base and create awareness.

Through Lime Crime, Doe believes in using positivity to understand customer’s requirements and experiences. She has learned to utilize successful customer care strategies to impact growth. Her intuitive approach and respect for strong personal relationships have ensured her success in a heavily competitive beauty industry. She values customer trust and is known to take extraordinary measures in ensuring the same. Such efforts include investments in better technology for the e-commerce platforms, more responsive customer care, and continuous consumer education.

Doe Deere is passionate about animal welfare. All her products are certified cruelty-free, and she donates to Bide-A-Wee, a shelter for abandoned dogs and cats in New York. She believes in making the life of the less fortunate better through active participation in various causes.