Compliance Officers: A Growing Field; Helane Morrison Rules the Industry

A common misconception is that not knowing about something equates to ignorance. However, if something is fairly new, it is nearly impossible for it to have become common knowledge over night. In matters pertaining to jobs, a compliance officer, is not a well-known position. People tend to believe that if mishaps happen within a company, it is the job of the owner to straighten it out. As controversy continues to rise, however, so does the need for compliance officers. Quickly becoming known as one of the most rapidly growing positions, compliance officers ensure that the rules of the company are being followed, strictly as a means to protect the company from litigation or even failure.

Currently employing tens of thousands of compliance officers across the country, it has quickly become a popular career path. By being such a new career, it lacks male domination like many before it. In fact, leading the industry with a fierce attitude is experienced and educated, Helane Morrison. The Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC leads a fierce battle each day, intent on changing the way that businesses are run. By never being afraid to speak out, Morrison is an example for men and women alike.

Beginning her career as an attorney allowed Morrison to obtain the crucial litigation aspect that compliance officers must be equipped with. A background in journalism has allowed the destroyer of the glass ceiling to understand the research aspect of forming a case, and also greatly helped in forming the courageous women seen today. Brooklyn born and bred, her attitude is classy as well as understandable.

To finalize, though the compliance officer position has not been widely recognized, it is quickly becoming dominant in a multitude of industries. As the justice system demonstrates patterns of changing behavior, positions must be established to protect big corporations. Those who excel in this role, like Helane Morrison, deserve more credit and recognition for their efforts.

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