The Academy of Art University Automobile Museum joins Mecum’s Monterey Auction

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California prepares for the next chapter of their classic car collection. It was recently announced that the art university has chosen to participate at Mecum’s “The Daytime Sale” Monterey auction. The auction company has informed that seven classic cars have been consigned into the auction happening from August 23 – 25.

The university owns a unique collection of cars operating at the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum. The vehicles are said to be some of the rarest and most valuable in the world. Forbes states that the collection is valued to be worth over $70 million.

A 1929 Duesenberg Model J is one of the vehicles sent to auction and it is expected to sell for $1 million or more. The benefits of Mecum’s Monterey auction allows the university to mix up their classic car inventory and include a modern touch to the collection.

Founded by Richard S. Stephens, prior art director of Sunset magazine, and his wife Clara, the university remains as part of the Stephens legacy. Today, Elisa Stephens, the granddaughter of the founders, sits as president of the university while it continues to be passed down from generation to generation.

Stephens tells that they are planning on making the museum available to the public and the addition of contemporary vehicles will interest a wider range of people. The classic cars museum includes around 250 cars and has been available only to students learning the craft or in some cases, by appointment.

The automobile museum offers hands-on experience that students studying car design and restoration need. The university also shares the museum with their students studying fashion design. The courses in industrial design included in their curriculum have proven to inspire some fashion design students to become interior car designers after graduation.

The Academy of Art University is a private, for-profit art school with regional accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The university offers around twenty-five subjects including architecture, fine arts and fashion design for students to develop their skills. The expansion of the automobile museum is simply one way the university provides a modern platform for learning to its students.

Academy Of Art University Holds Car Auction

The Academy of Art University is holding a car auction in San Francisco, California. They will be revealing their collection of class cars. The auction is titled “The Daytime Sale” auction. The university recently hired a new executive to oversee their classic car collection. This new chief executive has plan of expanding the collection into a museum to be opened for the public. For now, the collection is available to only students with majors in car design and restoration.

The Academy of Art University was started in 1929. The married couple behind the company had a specific vision for the university and for what it wanted to do for the arts. Richard Stephens was the art director for a magazine. Him and his wife, Clara established a respected art university that has been passed down to their son and now their granddaughter.

This museum will go right along with what the school is instructing its car design major students on. The university has created program for vehicle restoration. The school teaches coachbuilding techniques design elements, prewar cars and contemporary cars. They place a lot of importance on the future of card design and restoration.

This car collection also benefits the university’s fashion design students. Fashion designs students also take courses in industrial design and become interior designers for the automotive industry after earning their degree. The university has plans of incorporating more students and the public as apart of their auctions for their car collections.

Academy of Art University has a long and prestigious history amongst students and the art community. They have always placed important on being creative and being innovative. They have created a learning institution that allows talent, skill and inspiration to be nurtured and developed into something great. The university enables students to become professionals working in communications, design and other art related fields. The university offers undergraduate programs, graduate programs, certificates and portfolio development programs. Students are attracted to this school due to many factors. These factors include inclusive admissions, community support, culture awareness, art ethics, opportunities to learn from art professionals and career development.