Patty Rocklage Finds the Best in Every Challenging Situation through Psychology and Counseling

When it comes to psychology and couseling therapy, Patty Rocklage understands exactly what patients require. That is why on July 29th, 2016, Patty was celebrated for what would be termed as her gift to the world. Accompanied by her husband Scott Rocklage, the couple visited the MIT department amidst a celebration of their professional achievement. The agenda of the event was to help in raising renovation costs for Lester Wolfe Laboratory. Moungi Bawendi is the professor in charge of this laboratory.


The celebration was a remarkable gesture because Patty’s husband went to Lester Wolfe for his PhD studies. He attended the department of chemistry where Professor Richard R. Schrock facilitated his classes. After the tour around the newly renovated laboratory, the couple joined two of their classmates to gather in the laboratory. Tributes honored the couple. The first to pay tribute to the couple for outstanding work in counseling and psychological services was Timothy Jamison, head of the department and more information click here.


Additionally, the couple was also honored by Sylvia Ceyer as well as Professor Moungi Bawendi. Through the efforts of Patty and her husband, the laboratory was opened. The gesture of Patty and her husband in addition to their generosity has made a great positive impact on education. This is a good example of successful people giving back to the society. As a result, the society is empowered to continue doing good by prospering through the already existing resources like the laboratory that was built on the celebration and Patty’s lacrosse camp.


Patty Rocklage has mastered the art of assisting people in finding solutions to their life’s problems. She is an accomplished professional who harbors a warm heart and skilled communication style. She feels honored to help clients, couples and families find solutions to life’s threatening problems. Through her dedication and commitment to finding couple’s solutions, Patty has managed to assist many couples in America stick together through marriage’s biggest threat, divorce. She attended the USC in 1981 and graduated with honors after majoring in psychotherapy. Her outstanding academic credentials give her the professionalism required to practice counseling and psychology. She commits to finding the best in every troubled person.

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Financing Investments

One of the biggest issues that people have with investing is that they do not have the capital on hand to invest with. This has long been a struggle for new investors who are just starting out. Once you build your real estate portfolio over time, the cash flow that it sends off will help you in the future. Arthur Becker started from nothing, and he has been able to build a massive real estate empire through following a few simple pieces of advice that he heard when he was young. If you are ready to take your life to a new level, he is a great person to learn from.

Financing Options

The great thing about real estate is that there are plenty of ways to invest for the future. Arthur Becker is someone who is excited about all of the changes that have started to take place in this area. If you are excited about the future, you need to have a plan in place to advance your current position. There are many people who are ready to start investing. Getting a loan option that works for you is easier than you think. There are a lot of people who struggle in this area, but they never want to go too deeply into debt. According to, with all of the low-interest options out there, few people have an excuse to not invest because they do not have the capital to do so.


In a report by the Real Deal, the latest investment that Arthur Becker is working on is a boutique in his local area. He is passionate about small business, and he wants to make sure that people are ready and willing to help them get to the next level in this area. Not only that, but he wants to help people who are in small business for themselves stay alive. There are a lot of commercial property locations in his area that are run down because the people are doing poorly financially. Over the years, he has proven that he has a plan in place to help them in a variety of ways.

An Interview Of The Lung Institute

One of the most controversial issues of today pertains to the area of stem cell research. Although stem cell research has its critics, the fact still remains that stem cell therapy has lifesaving properties. According to the Baylor College of Medicine, for decades, stem cell research has been used to aid cancer patients who previously did not have a fighting chance for life. It has also benefited patients who have medical problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, injuries to their spinal cord, Diabetes, and so forth. In November of 1998, the idea of using stem cell therapy came into public light. In March of 2009, President Obama overturned President Bush’s ruling on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

One purveyor in the area of lung stem cell treatment is the Lung Institute. For years, the Lung Institute has done research on using stem cells to cure various lung diseases. In fact, the Lung Institute delivered a presentation at the International Congress in Italy. During their presentation, Lung institute Doctor Jack Coleman discussed the possibility of examining the current functioning and funding of the research.

Several years of research confirms the effectiveness stem cell treatments have not on only on lung diseases, but also on the aforementioned diseases previously discussed.

The Lung Institute has years of cutting edge knowledge under their belt. For years, the Lung Institute has lead the pack in providing stem cell therapy for patients suffering from conditions such as COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease. Since its conception, the U.S. based Lung Institute has opened up additional offices in Florida, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, Arizona, and. Pennsylvania. Furthermore, over 3000 patients have been treated for their illnesses. Of all of their Lung patients surveyed, a whopping 84.5 percent saw an improvement in their standard of living.

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Hussain Sajwani Is Changing The Face of The Real Estate Business

By shaking up the luxury real estate development industry, Hussain Sajwani has changed the face of the world. The luxurious golf course communities that his company, DAMAC Properties, has built offer an unparalleled living experience.

As CEO and founder of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani Family has a history of making the right choices and investments that have led to profits for himself and everyone he works with. He is the #3. billionaire on the Forbes list of billionaires in the UAE and has been named as one of the top 100 most influential Arabs in the world.

Hussain Sajwani has a long history of working with famous figures and well-known individuals, and one of these people is Donald Trump. By working with The Trump Organization, Sajwani has furnished the luxury golf course communities, built by his company, with high-quality golf courses that Donald Trump and his family manage and maintain.

His sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump jr. recently were guests of his at the celebration for the opening of the Trump International Golf Club Dubai at DAMAC Hillsm, which sits in the center of a large DAMAC golf course community. This 7,205-yard, par-71 course was built by the same man who designed the golf courses for the 2016 Olympics, Gil Hanse.

The DAMAC owner earned his Bachelors degree at the University of Washington, Seattle. His studies centered around economics and industrial engineering, and he has taken that knowledge and added it to his experience with real estate and business to do more than just run DAMAC. He also invests in many different publicly traded companies, and his track record of making the right investments have caused many to respect his opinions and listen when he talks about what companies to look to for investment opportunities. His Investment company DICO Investments Co LLC. is a large success.

Outside of business, Hussain Sajwani lives the life of a dedicated father of 4 children. Along with his wife, he hopes to pass on his knowledge and passion for business to his kids. He also enjoys learning more about architecture and design and especially how it has been influenced by the history of the region it takes place in.

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Securus Technologies – Innovating And Developing Technology To Provide Better Services To Prisoners And Law Enforcement Agencies

For many years, Securus Technologies has been on top in the prison telecommunication industry, and it aims to stay there for a long time to come. It is because the company continues to add new products and services to its portfolio and ensures it provides unmatched customer service to its clients.



The company has from the very beginning focused on research and development and has invested millions for it to innovate and develop new products that provide better service to the customers. The company also won the Gold Stevie Awards recently, which is one of the top corporate awards globally. It beat over 2,300 companies from around the globe from different industries to bag that prize, which reflects the standards company has set internally to serve its customers attentively and responsively.



Securus Technologies aims to help the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies by bringing them the best the technology has to offer. It has over 600 patents on its name and much more added at regular intervals as the research and development continue to a fast rate. The services of the company reach out to 1,200,000 inmates across the country, and more than 3,450 public safety and law enforcement agencies use the products and services offered by Securus.



Securus Technology is highly confident about the products and services it provides, and it is reflected in the press release it recently published online. In the press release, there were many comments and letters quoted of the firm’s customers, who are delighted to be able to use the technology, products, and services offered by Securus. The company also used the press release as an opportunity to invite the customers and the investors, past and present, to its highly advanced technology center in Dallas, Texas. It also serves as the company’s headquarters.



In recent times scientists have made another tremendous step of creating different types of synthesis life in their laboratory. This is the latest development in creation of living, complex organisms from scratch in the laboratory. The scientists have already completed synthesizing one of the yeasts 16 chromosomes, that are molecular structures which carry all the organism’s genes. They revealed that by the end of the year they will have a fully synthetic yeast genome. Further to this, the work that they have already started has developed an efficient way to fix and identify errors in the genomes they are working on just as the way computers programmers debug computer programs. They are appreciated for the good work they are doing. The aim of the project is to create the yeast which will be used in factories in production of bread, wine and beer also it will be used to create new drugs to treat diseases and also for the manufacture of fuel.

To determine whether it is a fact or fiction that eating oranges in the shower actually makes one happy a producer by the name Graham Smith came with three different types of oranges the blood, clementine’s, and navel oranges. Different people were given the oranges and went to eat them in the shower. Surprisingly some said they smell good and others were on the side of them being sweet. However, research has proved that the heat from the makes the orange smell stronger in the mouth as compared to eating it in a less humid and cooler environment. So the notion of it being eaten in the shower regardless of the type is just a myth.

Clay Siegall is responsible for the development of antibody-drug and securing the 2011 FDA approval of its first ADC product, ADCETRIC. His role in the cancer treatment is to raise funds aimed at helping patients living with cancer. So far he has raised over $1.2 billion in public and private funding that is geared towards assisting cancer patients get advanced treatment with the most innovative technology.


Igor Cornelsen Reveals the Secret Behind Investing in the Brazilian Market

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investment expert from Brazil. Over the years, he has advised the Brazilian market about sound investment schemes. Cornelsen recommends that knowledge is the secret weapon to gain control over the Brazilian market. Igor Cornelsen advises people to invest in damaged stocks instead of damaged companies because the former has the potential for growth while the latter will lead to losses.

Investment Tips for New Investors

Cornelsen decided to advise new investors who were fresh in the Brazilian stock market. First, new investors should know renowned investors in Brazil. This is because the Brazilian economy encompasses private and public sectors and is ranked number eight worldwide. Additionally, the Brazilian economy is currently the largest in South America. As a result at, Brazil has many privately owned and state-owned commercial and investment banks that keep boosting the growing economy.

Secondly, Brazil’s investment environment is welcoming to foreign investors. The appointment on of the finance minister, Joaquin Levy, promises a prosperous future in the investment of stocks as well as the financial industry. Levy gives new hope after the massive failure that occurred in the market when Brazil created a new economy.

Thirdly, Igor Cornelsen suggested that new foreigners should be keen when exploring Brazil’s trading partners before planning to invest in the economy. He added that connecting the markets would lead to higher profits. For instance, China is Brazil’s largest trading partner.

Finally, new investors should be aware of the inflation in Brazil. Currently, Brazil has an overvalued currency on Tumblr. Furthermore, the present account deficits are caused by the exporting of industrialized goods to loose competitiveness. As a result, the Central Bank of Brazil has been locally selling dollar swaps to avoid a rapid depreciation of the currency. The Brazillian economy still supports both domestic and foreign investments to ensure its growth and expansion despite the country’s overvalued currency.

The Value of Investing

Investing provides a regular income especially when an individual is approaching or has entered retirement. Thus, they need a steady income to cover their daily expenses. Investments such as equities, bonds, and property can provide a regular revenue stream that is always higher than the level of inflation.

Women in Power- Lori Senecal

Women have for the longest time not been involved in top leadership positions. But gone are the days when the world thought that women cannot lead the nation or even hold top positions in their organizations. Women have been working hard and have been devoted to seeing that they engage in all activities that their men are doing.

Lori Senecal is among the women who are holding top positions in leading companies in the world. Ms. Lori is the International Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky Advertising Agency, reports PR Newswire. Before being elected as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, Lori worked at KBS as the Executive Chairman of the company. Her primary responsibility at CP & B is to drive the companies plan and future vision. Lori is also responsible for fueling CP&B expansion as well as cross collaboration with other businesses. Lori is a leader who is motivated and also has a big responsibility of partnering with customers in efforts to assist in the improvement of broadloom structures across the ability of their clients.

Lori Senecal is very passionate about what she does, and she loves her career. For the last five years, she has been making efforts to expand the advertising industry by creating innovations in the industry. Lori works with a belief of making new inventions delivers real competition. Lori is also a mentor who encourages young people to pursue the career they want. She has been in the front line of establishing several projects and start-ups.

Before working at KBS and CP&B, Lori served at Flagship New York office of McCann Erickson as the President, and also as the international Chief innovator officer at McCann Worldgroup. Lori is so much interested in the young people, and while still working at McCann, she founded TAG Ideation, an organization that deals with marketing of young-adult. Lori has also been proving mentorship to young women and has been making appearances on television programs. In 2014 Lori was named one of the Ad age’s women to watch. She had also been honored by AWNY Game Changer Awards in 2013. She is a leader who for the last two years has sat on Isaac Awards panel which celebrates student’s creativity. Lori Senecal also serves as a Board member of Directors of MDC Partners Inc.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky Advertising agency is one of the members of MDC Partners. The organization serves several clients including Infiniti, Mondelez International, Metlife, Domino’s Pizza among others. CP&B offers quality products and services, and it is the only company that has ever won Titanium Grand Prix Awards two times.

Unapologetic Confidence through Pioneering Cosmetics by Doe Deere

According to Doe Deere, beauty should feel right as opposed to looking good. The owner and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics use the power of positive reinforcement to inspire people to success. A better use of cosmetics is to improve self-expression rather than as a magic cure to people’s physical insecurities. Lime Crime’s radical approach to product development and consumer engagement has led to a cult-like following and is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.



She loves vibrant colors such as lime. This motivated the business name of Lime Crime. The name has continued to be a guiding factor in driving business growth. She believes that the future, just like her love for bright things, should be lively.



As a female entrepreneur, Doe appreciates the challenges women owners face in business. She is a vocal motivational coach and mentors upcoming female entrepreneurs through Instagram and other social media platforms.



Lime Crime exploits an opportunity that Doe identified in buyer convenience and options in vibrant color products. She ventured into creating makeup with unusual colors that defined her style better. She is the first to try out new products developed under her direction. Lime Crime’s products are revolutionary breaking traditional barriers in the beauty industry.



Doe is a big fan of disruptive technologies especially the shift from traditional markets to online platforms. She is credited with inventing the on-lip swatch for trying out lipstick products without actually applying the product to your lips. This has since become an industry standard. She is also ardent about using emergent technologies to expand her fan base and create awareness.



Through Lime Crime, Doe believes in using positivity to understand customer’s requirements and experiences. She has learned to utilize successful customer care strategies to impact growth. Her intuitive approach and respect for strong personal relationships have ensured her success in a heavily competitive beauty industry. She values customer trust and is known to take extraordinary measures in ensuring the same. Such efforts include investments in better technology for the e-commerce platforms, more responsive customer care, and continuous consumer education.



Doe Deere is passionate about animal welfare. All her products are certified cruelty-free, and she donates to Bide-A-Wee, a shelter for abandoned dogs and cats in New York. She believes in making the life of the less fortunate better through active participation in various causes.

How Cotemar Company has transformed the oil and gas industry.


One of the Mexican company that is recognized for providing services and consultancies for offshore petroleum fields is COTEMAR, S.A. de C.V. The company is able to offer these services through utilizing specialized vessels. Its headquarters are in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico after it was formed in 1979.

Basically, Cotemar has been known to deal with the maintenance, overhauling, and management of containers and platforms in offshore fields. The company also offers diving equipment for integrated catering, assembly lines, service to accommodation, surveying purposes and facilities for manufacturing semi-submersible platforms. Cotemar is responsible for providing laundry and ironing services, food preparation and cleaning services. It also offers recreational facilities to employees such as gymnasium, TV rooms, cinemas, and basketball.

The firm has established a name for itself when it comes to providing an excellent quality vessel for transportation purposes of necessary equipment required for various activities such as removing abrasive material, oil drilling among others. When it comes to services needed for refining and processing oil extracted from the sea, you can always depend in Cotemar to help you out. This refined oil is then transported to the right are of distribution all courtesy of Cotemar.

The firm operates a hundred percent inside Mexico as it is a gas and oil company. Apart from dealing with oil and gas, it also offers accommodation and catering services to workers on the offshore oil rigs. It’s hard to find a company where you can find everything under one roof, but with Cotemar you are assured of having all your needs met. Vessels that offer transportation for construction materials and workers are also available to the Company.

Cotemar’s logistic portion operates under the name Apoyo Logistico Marino consisting of a specialized fleet of modernized boots that are brand new. In cases of specialized needs, small tugboats are used since large boats are used for transporting materials. In instances of oil spills or fires, there are boats specialized for responding to emergencies only.

The firm takes safety very seriously, and this is why the Firm employs the usage of modern technology to primarily reduce any instances of accidents that will affect their day to day operations. With this, the company incurs minimal losses and massive profits. Having your services affected negatively brings about problems as this may lead to your business losing potential clients.

To avoid all this, it is important to always put safety as the first thing before anything else. When you can offer services that are safe, you are assured to gaining your clients trust something Cotemar has done over the years since it was founded.

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