$21 Million in Funding Ensures ClassDojo Growth

ClassDojo has certainly impressed investors with what it’s been able to bring to classrooms everywhere. After their last round of funding, this educational startup managed to draw in more than $21 million from interested parties.

The ClassDojo platform is one that focuses on communication. By connecting teachers to the parents of students, ClassDojo has opened a channel of communication that makes classrooms a virtual space, allowing parents to be better informed on their children’s school day and giving teachers a secure channel to inform those same parents of all that goes on in the school.

This has effectively made the traditional face-to-face arrangements of meetings between parents and teachers obsolete, and that’s a good thing for students. With communication open and constant teachers can better inform parents on how their children are performing in class, where they need assistance and how to go about helping them excel. This can radically transform education by providing support in class and at home that is more conducive to learning, as opposed to waiting for scheduled meetings a couple of times in the school year so that everyone can get on the same page.

Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo’s co-founders, seem to understand the opportunity their platform presents to school environments. So, they’re taking their millions in funding to expand their existing staff and broaden the capability of their platform.

ClassDojo doesn’t have a monopoly on tech solutions for classroom environments. But while most tech companies have focused on ways to supplement instruction with technology, few have focused on the under serviced sector of classroom communication. This has allowed ClassDojo to be put in use in ore than 85,000 schools across North America. That kind of brand recognition has made it hard for competition to really disrupt their growth. ClassDojo’s taking this position of recognition seriously and are working to address the only real lingering criticism of their service–privacy concerns over data that may implicate children. It’s on the list of things they’ll address moving forward with their new funding.

Since 2011, ClassDojo has collected more than $31 million in funding to provide public and private schools with a technological solution to their lapses in communication between faculty and parents.

In time ClassDojo hopes to monetize its platform, allowing their services to broaden and meet more challenges schools face. For now, they have no intentions from moving from the education market.


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