The Importance of OSI Group in the Global Economy

OSI Group is one of the world’s largest food providers. Its services are available in 17 countries where 20,000 individuals are employed in 65 facilities. Moreover, it is significant in the American economy where it rose from humble beginnings to become one of the largest corporate businesses. Its history is traced to the Immigrants’ experience. In 1928 it was rebranded to Otto and Sons after its business followed a common storyline that was family-based. It was stable for many years including the Second World War. Later in 1955, the first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Illinois even though its owner was a franchise agent in California.

It was expanded through the franchise model which took place at the same time in the United States. Kroc, McDonald’s owner agreed with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons to be its first fresh beef supplier. The company later transpired to OSI Group after twenty years. Its main aim was to provide each individual restaurant with customers. Furthermore, its products would be consistent. OSI Group’s changing leadership led to its change in name. It was generated from the 75-year period it developed from a butcher shop to a fully technologically-based company. In response to the growth of McDonald’s restaurants, the company concentrated on its manufacturing abilities. This led to its first facility opening in Chicago. Other facilities were later opened in 1970 and 1980 in other parts of the country. In conjunction with McDonald’s restaurant, OSI Group established a joint venture in 1980. It required a growth in the international sector which contained a sophisticated capitalization.

The growth was instrumental in the company and it maintained it to the present time. The 2016, Forbes list ranked it at position 58 among private companies with 6.1 billion sales. Furthermore, its joint ventures and expansions enabled it to become one of the important food providers in the world. It was established in Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Pacific, and Hungary. Its negotiation with China provided a great market opportunity to its food products. Consumers in China depend on a variety of food products hence it led to the expansion of OSI Group. Later it engaged in poultry products to supplement its products.

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Paul Mampilly- Contributions in the financial sector

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