Ricardo Tosto Provides Business Law Consultation In Brazil

Looking for a reliable and reputable business law expert? Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the leading business and corporate attorneys in Brazil and is available to provide excellent legal solution to businesses and entrepreneurs.Buying and selling of businesses can be a complex issue for many entrepreneurs. Closing and winding down an organization involve complex processes, requiring a lot of documents. A business lawyer can help in these instances and ensure that you are provided the advice and guidance you need to handle the situation properly. Mergers and acquisitions require diligence and scrutiny and it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side throughout the transaction.

Company incorporation is another area that requires the expertise of a business lawyer. This tpe of legal structure allows your company to operate as a separate entity and under its own identity, freeing you from company’s liabilities.Tax returns and small claims also require the guidance of a business lawyer. A good lawyer will be of tremendous help when it comes to getting tax refunds.Another important area that a lawyer’s advice or input is required is breach of contract. Dishonoring written agreements is something that happens from time to time in the business world.

To be sure the situation is handled appropriately, you need a competent lawyer to advise you.Ricardo Tosto has been in practice for years and is well recognized as a leading litigation lawyer.  Ricardo Tosto owns and runs a prominent law firm that caters to a wide variety of clients and comes highly recommended. When you consult with Ricardo Tosto, he will work with you to ensure that your business processes and legal issues are well taken care of it. He will advise you on how to stay in compliance with the rules and regulations of your industry.As an experienced lawyer and corporate and business law litigator, Mr Ricardo Tosto has top notch resources to help clients attain the outcome they desire. He works closely with clients to come up with the right strategy to address their situation.

Ronald Fowlkes’ Work and Play

Ronald Fowlkes is a business development professional working with Eagle Industries Unlimited. In this line of work, he specializes in commercial products as well as law enforcement. In this job, his responsibilities include product education- to more than 150 sales individuals and selection of products for sale or development.


His current position borrows heavily from his experience working for the department of defense in a contractual capacity. Equally important and helpful to his current position is his time serving as a Marine. He was in the ‘Navy-Marine Corps where he acquired tactical training. His over thirteen years experience in law enforcement is a big plus in his portfolio.


Department of Defense


As a Department of Defense contractor, Ronald and the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization- JIEDDO worked as a team in Iraq. With the Army in US, some of his duties included the instruction of military personnel of the US in matters of tactical operations. In addition, he was responsible for infantry operations’ mounting and dismountingin the combat zones. Ronald also worked in hostage rescue operations, evidence collection and analysis of blast scenarios. Ronald was involved in tactical questioning of captured and detained people.


Law Enforcement


In total, Ronald has more than 13 years in law enforcement. He worked with the ‘St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’ for 10 years and later with the ‘St. Louis County Police Department’ for three years. Since 2003, Ronald worked as a team leader where he earned his certification as instructor in defensive tactics, SWAT warfare tactics and URBAN tactics as well. Ronald also instructs in tactical rifle and shoot house. He was responsible for hostage incidents and ‘high risk entries’. In times when his unit was not required tactically, it was working on cases of gang activity, narcotics trafficking and illegal gun possession. His team is also charged with dealing with civil disobedience incidences and WMD responses.


Other Engagements


Between the years of 1989 and 1993, Ronald served in the Marine Corps and was twice promoted. He was recognized as ‘veteran of Gulf War I’. In promoting his credentials, Ronald got basic training in an engineer course. At ANGLICO, Ronald conducted operations like mission ‘air and naval gunfire’ as well as reconnaissance. In these missions, Ronald tried many radios- encrypted and otherwise.




As an individual who likes the outdoor activities, it is no wonder that Ronald is enthusiastic about hockey. He is involved in the sport in various capacities. Through coaching his son’s hockey team, he spends time with the lad teaching him some moves.