Matthew Autterson Is A Real Humanitarian

Matthew Autterson has been a business man in Colorado for more than 25 years. He uses his knowledge and business acumen while sitting on the Board of Directors of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems organization. This is a company that is dedicated to combining machine and man to help the disabled lead a better quality of life.

He knows the power of building strategies to attract investors. Matt attended the Denver Zoo Carousel Event to raise $600,000 and brought with him, serious investors.

* The Mellon Corporation as the title sponsor, Dreyfus and Buck Affiliates with $50,000.

* Six Premiere Sponsors brought $15,000.

* Seven Benefactor Sponsors brought $7,500.

* The impressive list of Corporate sponsors brought $3,000.

The Auction and Dinner Dance at the Denver Zoo was a success and the funds were available for the construction of the Children’s Carousel.

Matt enjoys the outdoors with his family. He and his daughter Madison attended the off-road bicycle race called the “Baja 1000″. They cycled 1,296 miles and were part of a six-man crew traveling over the rugged terrain of Mexico.

His interests have always included animals and the welfare of people. He has sat on the Board of Directors with Denver Zoo and Zoological Foundation and the Board of Directors of Denver’s Hospice where he served as Chairman.

Matthew Autterson has a seat on the Board of Directors at Falci Adaptive Biosystems. The non-profit organization has dived into the field of helping people with neuromotor issues.

FAB has developed the “Smart Glasses” that will send messages to the brain to operate various devices. The technology of designing and developing the glasses will significantly help the 2.2 million of disabled people.

Falci Adaptive Biosystems or FAB has projects underway to return people to their state of independence not just to drive a race car or a common vehicle. The Caregiver’s helping a loved one, friend or client to dress, feed themselves and take care of their personal hygiene will require minimum assistance.

People in wheelchairs with restricted hand, arm and upper body movement will have increased mobility with the new apparatus. The daily routines where independence has been lost the technology of today can assist the disabled. This creates a positive attitude of wanting to face the next day.


Rick Smith Takes Securus To Higher Levels of Success

Rick Smith is at present the CEO of Securus Technologies since 2014. He took his undergrad learns at Rochester Institute of Technologies and did his lords in Engineering at State University. Moreover, Rick did another Masters degree in Engineering at the University of New York and after that did his MBA at the University of Rochester. His vocation appeared in 1972 where he worked for Global Crossing North America Inc as the main data officer. He likewise acted as the Network Plant Operations Director, and surrendered subsequent to filling in as the Vice President of Financial Management of the organization. Right now, Mr. Smith fills in as the Board Member of Integra Telecom Co Ltd and is the individual from Eschelon Telecom Inc Board.

Rick Smith’s involvement, drive, and center are things that have prompted the accomplishment of Securus. His awesome involvement in data innovation, business advancement, back, and media transmission is the thing that gave him a high ground to lead the organization. Rick Smith administration has ensured that the organization is carried out to giving imaginative innovation to remedy group by guaranteeing that there is close correspondence observing, biometric examination, examinations are done productively, and detainee criminal exercises are controlled.Securus Technologies is one of the biggest innovation suppliers to revision offices in the U.S. Their customers incorporates: the administration, redresses offices, and open administration associations. They give arrangements on the best way to forestall and control prisoner’s wrongdoing. Read more on Securus Technologies with central command is in Dallas gives administrations to more than 1,000,000 detainees in more than 2,600 revisions in 45 states.

Rick Smith has guaranteed that the organization keeps on being fruitful by adding John Bell to the business official group. This will help in growing their items to more than 800 for revision and law requirement division. The expansion of John Bell will be an or more to the organization since he has more than 35 years of involvement in the expert portfolio.Rick Smith has helped the organization to be a standout amongst other specialist co-ops in the market. John has guaranteed that items and administrations that Securus offer for revision and law implementation are discharged each week to help in forestalling criminal exercises in the general public. He has additionally put resources into Creek Technologies, a cutting edge firm that will help with assembling equipment and programming to influence them to extend across the country. He will probably manufacture a general public that is more secure, and his main goal is to serve the group by ensuring them.Rick Smith has guaranteed that the organization is on top with regards to client mind benefits by furnishing clients with a stage to give their input and furthermore reacts to them. Securus Technologies emerges as the best in giving wrongdoing counteractive action benefits consequently giving a more secure society, on account of Rick Smith!

The specialities of “Equities First Holdings”

“Equities First Holdings” is both an investment and advisory. This company gives people a broad range of financial possibilities and solutions. This company first established in 2012. It has been known as one of the leading global shareholder finances. This company during its existence has made partnerships which were long term with popular investment banks. It has lead large custodian banks as well as international law firms.

This company was first known as “Meridian Equity Partners Limited”. Then the name was taken by the former and the name changed to what it is currently. This company is now London based, in the United Kingdom. The company, since it started has made more than seven hundred. Because of this the offices were expanded to other countries in the world like America, Australia, and China. Some of these companies are thriving on their own and are independent and more information click here.

The remainder of this article focuses on what Equities First Holdings specializes in. The company gives efficient solutions to high net-worth individuals and businesses who look for non-purpose capital. Their specialty is a product created to give liquidity at attractive terms through a process that is transparent and secure and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Equities First Holdings specialize in giving their clients with a lower cost of capital and better terms of finance than more traditional alternatives of financing. This company specializes in expanding their company (like, I mentioned before). Also, this company strives to expand to meet their growing client base and


Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus: Making Data-Enabled Precision Medicine Affordable

Data-enabled precision medicine is the new frontier in cancer treatment. With millions of Americans battling the disease, processing the mountains of data doctors have, to provide them with the best care possible, can be a daunting task. Enter Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus. The company is helping to streamline the process through its advances in data-enabled precision medicine. Lefkofsky learned about the data overload in providing cancer care when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, using his company Tempus, Lefkofsky’s goal is to transform can care delivery.

Tempus has created a platform and analytics software to affordably and efficiently analyze the clinical and molecular data of each patient and help deliver the most effective cancer treatments. The technology transforms physicians’ progress notes into structured data doctors use to decide on each patient’s best treatment options. Processing molecular data, including genomic information, had been prohibitively expensive. But Tempus’ work is driving the cost down. That’s crucial because researchers are attacking cancer and other diseases on the cellular and molecular level and more information click here.

Born in Southfield, Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky is a University of Michigan, Ann Arbor graduate. He also attended the University of Michigan Law School where he earned his law degree in 1993. Rather than go into law, Lefkofsky joined the dot-com revolution. He founded a series of companies, the best known of which is The Michigan native has lived in the Chicago area for many years. That’s where the Tempus headquarters is located. Lefkofsky is very active in the Chicago business community. He’s on the boards of Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Art Institute of Chicago. He’s also chairman of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company board of trustees.

Lefkofsky has been involved with several Chicago area education institutions. He taught at Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Currently, Eric Lefkofsky works as an adjunct professor on the staff of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. His book on how technology affect business, Accelerated Disruption, was recently published by Easton Studio Press and learn more about Eric.

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The successful research on brand recall by Edison Research and PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz, an American broadcasting entrepreneur, is the creator of PodcastOne. He has recently collaborated with Edison Research to analyze the effectiveness of the advertisements that were being aired on various channels by the name of PostcastOne. The research was carried out with the help of five major brands. These all are known to already have a higher recall rate on other advertisement sources. Read more: Norman Pattiz | Twitter

The study was conducted by analyzing the listeners before and after the airing of advertisements. The purpose of this research was to find out the interests of an audience that listens to shows on PodcstOne and consumer trends. With the help of this study, he has been able to give the advertisers the scientific and logical justification that the advertisements aired through this way works perfectly the way they were intended to work.

The findings from Edison Research suggest that around sixty percent of listeners responded positively to these ads which were aired from a well-known grocery shop. Before the airing of these ads, only seven percent listeners were aware of this brand. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

However, when the ads that contained automobiles were taken into consideration, it was found that the brand recall was very less. Only a few individuals responded well to these ads. The ads increased the sales from sixty percent to seventy six percent which is quite a huge success.

This research was conducted in 2016 in three rounds. This has helped Norman to attract other brands that want their sales to increase too by showcasing their products in PodcastOne. The brands belonged to various categories. Some were very famous among the consumers. The others were new.

The famous brands were mostly using their taglines and old slogans. Some other brands started using new slogans. The results of the research confirmed Norman’s ideas regarding how to attract listeners towards brands through ads.

Norman wanted to make PodcastOne close to the radio. He aims to change the perception of advertisers so that they can invest in podcast network. This study has helped him a lot in this regard, and its success has opened doors for him since it increased product awareness and perception.

Consumers got interested in the brands through this study, and they started buying the products. This eventually helped the companies to sell their products more effectively. This Research was fruitful not only for Norman Pattiz but also for those brands who wanted to increase the sale of their products.