Top 5 Wine Companies in the UK

In the recent past, UK has experienced rapid growth with 2013 alone harvesting slightly below 4.5 million bottles. This is the same year UK Vintners celebrated its 650th anniversary! The company which started as a link in the import, regulation, and sale of wine in the UK maintains its charity and education role through Vintners Foundation.

Such figures are a clear indication that the UK wine industry is undergoing a healthy growth period. UK wines have in the past received stiff competition from their cousins, the French wines, but the recent growth is a clear indication that they have started being taken seriously. Below are the top 5 wine companies whose wine brands you can taste at the UK Vintners.

Camel Valley

The Cornish vineyard was set up in 1989 by Bob Lindo, an ex-RAF pilot together with his wife, Annie. Over the years, they have continued supplying sparkling wines and have managed to win several awards whereby their wine, Cornwall Brut 2010 scooped the golden gong during the International Wine Challenge. At the 2012 Decanter Wine Awards, their Pinot Nor Brut managed to win a gold medal.

Bolney Estate

The estate has been growing vines for a very long time, but it is not until in the 1970’s that Juliet Linter revived the property to light. In 2007, Bolney Estate’s Blanc de Blancs won the Gold Outstanding medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition. The estate is known for making varieties of tastes of white, red and rose wines.

Hush Heath

The vineyard of Hush Heath is located in Weald of Kent at a manor house and is dedicated to producing world-beating quality rose wine. The company has already won several awards through their Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Brut Rose, which is made of variety Champagne grapes of Chardonnay. This wine company has a history of making still and sparkling white and rose wines.


The vineyard started as a farmyard until Stuart, and Sandy Moss turned it into winemaking in 1988. The vineyard is located in West Sussex and was the first British vineyard to grow entirely champagne grapes. In 2007, the wine company’s Blanc de Blanc wine won the International Wines and Spirits Competition gold medal.

Ridgeview Wine Estate

This family owned vineyard located in East Sussex and founded in 1994 dedicated to producing sparkling white wines. Their Chardonnay Marksman produced for M&S won a gold medal at the International Wine Challenge in 2009.

Wines from these companies among other illustrious and exciting brands can be bought from the UK Vintner.

Capital Group Success and its Chairman’s Response to Today’s Market Selloff by China

Mr Timothy D Armour is the Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company. He is the portfolio manager and the Chairman of the Capital group companies. He has accumulated years of investment experience from several job positions in different companies.

Timothy Armour attended the College of Middlebury where he studied and graduated with a business degree in Economics. He served as the Fund Manager, Global Discovery Manager at Scotia Capital Inc. In the year 1994, he moved to American Mutual Fund Inc. In this company; Armour held the position of Senior Vice President. American Mutual Fund is a company driven by the accomplishment of three major objectives, current income, ensuring the Growth of capital, and in the conservation of principal.

Timothy D Armour has also acted as a fund advisor for the Capital Research and Management Company. In this company, his input was required in the running of 529 college saving plans. He was also expected to advise on the retirement plans offered by the enterprise. Today, Timothy Armour is Chairman of Capital Research Company.

On 28th of July 2015, the Board of Directors of Capital Group, a world’s leading investment Management Company announced that they had hired Tim Armour to act as the Chairman of the Capital Group. With other senior members of the management committee, Armour would continue to work, set, communicate, and implement the company’s business targets. He was also to oversee all the company’s operations. His confirmation as the chairman was as a result of the death of the former president, Jim Rothenberg.

Tim said that all the capital fraternity deeply mourned the loss of their friend and colleague. Timothy Armour’s election to be the chairman was to help the company continue the leadership role held by Jim. It was upon him to take decisive actions and steer the company to a better place keeping the interest of their clients, investors, and associates first. He also stated that the actual strength of the company lied not in an individual but the collective talents and efforts of the members and associates.

Regarding the market selloff triggered by China, Timothy thinks that the United States had a six-year run and rising markets. The United States Markets were valued fairly and had grown tremendously. With this in mind, he said that the market correction was not unexpected and to some degree, it is healthy as it removes pockets of excess.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Starts An Online Ordering Service For Property Reports

Title defects have been a major problem in the real estate market. To this end, Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) Inc has provided a solution by making property reports available through online ordering. Some people feel that the title defects are the cause of stagnation in the transition of assets and others feel that they are the cause of wrongful foreclosures. NTC points out that property records are essential in reducing the inability to foreclose. They are also key to ensuring a clear title conveyance. NTC has taken crucial steps to simplify the process of obtaining property reports. Recently, the firm launched an updated website that offers the reports via the online platform.

Title defects are caused by multiplicity of reasons. A claim laid to a property that is under the possession of a different entity is the leading cause of title defects. A concern with the wording of a document and previous liens that have not been removed can adversely affect titles. Additionally, failure to include signature of a crucial party and inability to file or record procedures may cause title defects.

Because of the above reasons, John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide Title Clearing suggests that it is vital to address title defects before a property is transferred. The company has made available some property reports through online ordering in a bid to help the growing mortgage industry. They include Tax Status (plus) Report, Tax Status Report, Assignment Verification Report Services, and Current Owner Report (O&E).

Nationwide Title Clearing has prioritized the provision of a systematic and fast process of securing property reports. Hillman notes that the firm’s property services are founded on premier research from authentic land records. They are available for residential properties on a national scale. During their research, the company receives data from various sources. This information is received from the counties and comprises of automation in addition to human verification. The practice has facilitated the firm to cater for the leading lenders in the country under the crucial compliance regulations. According to Nationwide Title Clearing officials, rigorous research process leads to accurate results.

About Nationwide Title Clearing

Nationwide Title Clearing is a premier provider of post-closing services for the United States’ leading financial institutions, servicers and investors. The privately held company was founded in 1991. Its headquarters are located in Palm Harbor, FL. Some of its clients consist of eight of the leading 10 residential mortgage servicers in the United States. Nationwide Title Clearing is revered for delivering accuracy in research services. It is also known for delivering quality document processing, which set the industry standard. Its land records as well as document professionals are able to track and satisfy county document requirements in the entire recording jurisdictions across the nation.

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