Growth of Fabletics stores with its unique Athleisure trend

At its Start, Fabletics was a catalog and online-based business owned by parent company JustFab. It initially offered its shoppers VIP membership that gave them access to discounts on several purchases. There is a big business model difference with Fabletics due to lower prices for its VIP members. To get into VIP members and have exclusive offers, one should have their credit cards are charged each month automatically. Most of the cash goes to Fabletics purchases.

One cannot mention Fabletics without noting its rapid growth. The company was started in 2013 and has managed to increase its sales significantly. It has had a few retail stores and plans to open its seventh store. The company has had plans to open more than 75 stores in the next three years. Apart from simply shopping online, Fabletics allows its shoppers to buy clothing in person. The expansion of retail stores across difference regions makes shopping easy and fast.

Since its start, Fabletics has been trying to recruit shoppers to join its subscription service on After joining, one will receive several discounted outfits and have their credit card charged. This business model has seen people receive goods at incredibly low prices. It has increased the popularity of the company and resulted in happy shoppers. Out of 800,000 items sold, the company receives only about 10 complaints indicating a definite satisfaction of customers. Additionally, Better Business Bureau reviewed the company and confirmed that it is legit and has been receiving fewer complaints.

The previous years, Fabletics dealt majorly with women’s accessories and apparel. Later years has seen an expansion with the company selling accessories and clothing for men. Fabletics has now moved to selling more items such as dresses and swimwear.


About Fabletics
Fabletics is simply an online subscription retail that sells women’s accessories and sportswear. Due to the nature of items they sell, the company has been commonly referred to as athleisure. It offers its customers outfits based on their fashion preferences and lifestyle on When signing up, one has to fill out a survey about their lifestyle preferences and workout. At the start of the month, each member has customized outfits made based on their preferences. It is one of the principal subsidiaries of JustFab that was rebranded to TechStyle Fashion Group.

According to Fabletics website, the main founder is Kate Hudson a fashion tastemaker born to inspire others. Kate has a passion for supporting and motivating women. Each month she shares her favorite outfits, you can be assured that Kate approves all apparel in Fabletics.

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David Osio Takes Great Pride In Bettering Communities

David Osio is a well-known financial counsel expert, but the way he spends his time differs from most given that he works with many non-profit organizations that focus on supporting art, people, and culture in the communities where his businesses are based. Outside of growing financial services in communities, Osio also works to grow the communities that surround them by supporting charitable organizations across the globe.

In fact, for many years he served as a member of the MISO’s board. He stated that his company, Davos Financial Croup, continues to be an annual supporter of MISO and that it is rewarding to be able to see iconic foundations in the community continue to operate and bring the community great joy.

Another organization he has been a long term supporter of is the international Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. Every year he serves as a supporter of the EPK events. Osio stated that he believes that everything counts when it comes to medical research and he hopes that someday those who are able to make donations will realize that and come together to help make a large financial impact for this wonderful organization.

Outside of his charitable contributions, Osio also has quite a name for himself in the financial world where he is known as the leader and CEO of Davos Financing Group. He has worked hard to increase the income levels at Davos and expand geographically across the world into locations such as Panama City, Geneva, New York, Lisbon, and Miami.

He has done so by making sizable donations to the Fundana Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation, and the UMA Foundation. He also has helped support the arts by funding Miami’s Saludarte Foundation of Art where Carlos Cruz Diez has an exhibition on display. For all of his great work Osio has been given many recognitions and international awards inspiring others to also look into how they can help.

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