IAP Worldwide Is An Excellency In Leadership Across The Globe

PRN News did an exclusive article on the global response of IAP Worldwide. Thousands of people each year rely on their services and leadership skills. They proudly serve over 2,000+ clients in over 25 countries. The IAP Worldwide Services has the capabilities of working on a large scale or from a centralized small community. They make your needs that of their own until the contract requirements are met. There is no better equipped team of handle a natural disaster. Your issues around the globe are their driving force on a daily basis.

Their standard of excellency is unmatched by anyone. For over 60 years they have made it a priority to maintain a superior global response time. Get your needs met when your facing a natural crisis. Their leadership skills has aided them in partnering with some of the top businesses around the world. Your needs become the focus of IAP until your expected outcome is reached. They don’t stop reaching for your goals until your completely satisfied. It’s like having a small army or a strong structure base of individuals when and where you need them. Visit the IAP Worldwide website for more program details and information.

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Natural disasters happen at an unexpected time and they are equipped to respond in a moments notice. You never have to worry about facing a community crisis on your own because IAP is there to help. Often times, corporations, businesses, and government officials may need their services to face some tough times. They provide a high level of service that is confidential at all times. Your mission is held in strict confidence with IAP Worldwide.

Your crisis is the reason why they get up in the morning. An intelligent team of men and women stand by and represent everything about IAP Worldwide. Reaching your goal for peace or sustainability has never been easier. Many people value their team of professionals and how the needs of others are kept first. You can depend on IAP Worldwide Services in a crisis. They tackle the huge crisis that most people face on a daily basis in remote parts of the country. When you’re in doubt on how to handle a security threat on a elevated level contact IAP Worldwide for results.

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Steven Murray, a Successful Investor and Deal Maker, Dies Aged 52

Former private equity investor, philanthropist and financial executive, Stephen Murray, died in March 2015. Murray was a highly accomplished financial executive who dedicated his skills and time to his work. Before his untimely death, Murray headed a spin-out firm from JPMorgan Partners called CCMP Capital. He served as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and board chairman.

Devout Family Man

Speaking of his former colleague and friend, current CCMP Chairman, Greg Brenneman, expressed his sincere and deepest condolences for the Murray family on behalf of the entre firm. He said that Murray was a great man, a good husband and a wonderful father to his sons.

Murray relinquished his position at CCMP citing health reasons one month before he succumbed to his illness. The 52-year-old had devoted over 25 years at the firm and its previous affiliates. Brenneman described Murray as a brilliant deal maker and terrific investor who had spent a better part of his career working in the private equity sector. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-13/stephen-murray-ex-ccmp-chief-who-helped-build-firm-dies-at-52


Stephen Murray went to Boston College in 1980 and graduated four years later with an economics degree. He later returned to school, this time at Columbia Business School, for his Bachelor of Administration master’s degree and graduated in 1989.

Between 1984 and 1989, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital participated in a training program for credit analysts that was organized by Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

Working Career

In 1989, Stephen Murray relied on his stint at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation (MHC) to secure a job at MH Equity Corporation. MH Equity Corp. combined its leveraged finance division with MHC. In 1991, MHC was sold to Chemical Bank while MH Equity entered into a merger with Chemical venture Partners. Later in 1996, Chemical Venture Partners changed to Chase Capital Partners while Chase Manhattan Corp. and Chemical Bank merged.

In 2005, Stephen Murray was appointed the head of JP Morgan Partners’ buyout business. This appointment allowed him to leverage his new position to lead the spinoff group that created CCMP Capital. The new firm contained the JP Morgan’s growth equity and buyout teams. The next year, he became the firm’s CEO. During his tenure, he grew CCMP Capital into a successful firm that raised multibillion-dollar funds with the latest being a $3.6 billion fund.

Murray was actively involved in several boards in his career. These include Aramark, Pinnacle Foods, AMC Entertainment and Generac Power Systems. His philanthropic affiliations included the Stamford Museum, Boston College, Columbia Business School and Make-A-Wish Foundation (Metro New York).