Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Soars to New Heights on Instagram


Follow your heart. That’s the best piece of business advice Doe Deere has for those who dream large and have a unique idea.

The founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup wasn’t sure her concept for modern beauty would ever take off, but looking at social media’s popular Instagram says otherwise.

Doe Deere is absolutely thrilled that Lime Crime has just exceeded two million followers on Instagram. Her makeup brand has soared to new heights, attracting a global fan base which includes both young women and men. Her fans adore posting selfies wearing her makeup and inspiring each other to live fearlessly and express individual beauty.

Lime Crime makeup addicts send their favorite makeup looks with the hashtag ‘#limecrime’ to the social media site, and Doe Deere encourages this happy community of followers. She is internet savvy and understands how important it is for a company’s self-image to appear at places like Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, but it’s more than business.

Doe Deere is proud that fans can try on different makeup looks with her highly pigmented products in more colors beyond the rainbow and see how different skin tones reflect her brand in internet selfies. She believes in buyer participation and inspiration.

Lime Crime makeup is on a mission to assist young women and men in finding their true beauty, one that is uniquely theirs without worrying how society views them. Doe Deere calls that self-expression without fear of judgment. Doe Deere does not create traditional, boring makeup. She dares her fans to put on green colored lipstick or burgundy colored eye shadow, because there is a market for bold and beautiful.

That is how Lime Crime was born in 2008. Doe Deere kept looking for whimsical palettes in vivid hues, and she kept coming up empty, so she developed her own line and has never looked back.

Lime Crime makeup is sold online at and also in stores like Urban Outfitters. Fans love the brand for its excellent quality, rich pigments, stay on all day colors, new palettes and trends, creative edge and large social media presence.

The Expansion of the Compliance Industry

Over the past decade, the amount of emphasis that a company has been required to put into complying with various laws and protocols has increased considerably. In years past, most companies operated with a simple rulebook that all employees were asked to follow. However, rules were rarely enforced or evaluated, which then made them ineffective. Due to increased regulations and penalties for non-compliance, many companies now invest heavily in the compliance space.

One way that companies will invest in their compliance department is by hiring a chief compliance officer and having that person manage a team of compliance individuals that focus on building and implementing compliance procedures. The amount of compliance officers in the world has increased considerably over the past decade. It is now estimated that the number of companies that are developing and maintaining compliance programs is growing at more than ten percent per year. Several professional organizations in the industry have continued to grow and have ended up expanding their presence to national locations. It is also now estimated that over two dozens colleges and universities across the country have degrees and specialty programs that focus solely on compliance.

One individual that has spent her entire career focused on building compliance programs is Helane Morrisson. Helane Morrison today is the Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners, LLC, a company that provides investment services to a wide range of clients. Helane’s corporate profile ( boasts a very strong background in the field of compliance.

Helane Morrison has spent a good portion of her career in both the private and public sectors. She spent an 8 year period as the head of the San Francisco office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. In this role, she was involved in the development and implementation of a variety of securities laws.

Compliance Officers: A Growing Field; Helane Morrison Rules the Industry

A common misconception is that not knowing about something equates to ignorance. However, if something is fairly new, it is nearly impossible for it to have become common knowledge over night. In matters pertaining to jobs, a compliance officer, is not a well-known position. People tend to believe that if mishaps happen within a company, it is the job of the owner to straighten it out. As controversy continues to rise, however, so does the need for compliance officers. Quickly becoming known as one of the most rapidly growing positions, compliance officers ensure that the rules of the company are being followed, strictly as a means to protect the company from litigation or even failure.

Currently employing tens of thousands of compliance officers across the country, it has quickly become a popular career path. By being such a new career, it lacks male domination like many before it. In fact, leading the industry with a fierce attitude is experienced and educated, Helane Morrison. The Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC leads a fierce battle each day, intent on changing the way that businesses are run. By never being afraid to speak out, Morrison is an example for men and women alike.

Beginning her career as an attorney allowed Morrison to obtain the crucial litigation aspect that compliance officers must be equipped with. A background in journalism has allowed the destroyer of the glass ceiling to understand the research aspect of forming a case, and also greatly helped in forming the courageous women seen today. Brooklyn born and bred, her attitude is classy as well as understandable.

To finalize, though the compliance officer position has not been widely recognized, it is quickly becoming dominant in a multitude of industries. As the justice system demonstrates patterns of changing behavior, positions must be established to protect big corporations. Those who excel in this role, like Helane Morrison, deserve more credit and recognition for their efforts.

US Money Reserve’s Recent Gain of Exposure

The President of US Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, recently represented the company on Enterprise Radio, a popular financial news outlet. Listeners found more about Diehl’s extensive financial background, even serving as director of the US Mint. Diehl helped contribute towards the 50 States Quarter program and other special coins.  Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials –

Philip Diehl has liberally applied principles taken from his tenure at the US Mint to US Money Reserve, helping build the country’s most popular distributor of precious metals. Just this year, Diehl spawned the idea for a self-directed precious metal IRA where purchasers of precious metals physically hold precious metals, a program that already has thousands of participants.

US Money Reserve is one of the nation’s most popular distributors of high-quality gold, silver, and platinum. US Money Reserve offers a wide variety of rare, misprinted, and mint gold, silver, and platinum coins from a number of countries. Although the majority of coins are printed by the US Mint, US Money Reserve offers authentic minted coins from Canada, South Africa, and Austria. US Money Reserve has served more than 300,000 happy customers since its inception in 2001.

All bars and bullion are guaranteed pure and blemish-free, sourced directly from the world’s most trusted foundries.

Products from US Money Reserve are geared towards both investors and collectors. Bars and bullion hold little value outside of their weight in gold or silver, whereas the condition and rarity of coins make up the entirety of their values.

More about US Money Reserve’s recent feature on EPN’s Enterprise Radio can be found at CBS19.

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Investing Gets Easier With Martin Lustgarten

There are a lot of people who want to invest but do not know what they are going to invest in. These people need as much guidance as they can get, and the only way to get guidance is to work with someone like Martin Lustgarten. Anyone who comes to Martin Lustgarten for help is going to find out the best places to invest their money, and Martin Lustgarten knows what needs to be done to make sure that his clients are making a lot of money.


Martin Lustgarten is an Austrian and Venezuelan by birth, and he wants to help everyone get into international investment like he is.  There are a lot of places to go to make sure that people are making a lot of money, and Martin Lustgarten has been looking into all the countries in the world to see how they will work for his clients. He invests in these countries on his own, and he knows which places will work the best for his clients.


There are a lot of clients who are going to have a full time income because of Martin Lustgarten, and they all need to ask him if he is going to be able to help them pick out the right places to invest. The right place is important, but it is also important that people are investing in the right companies. Picking the right companies makes a big difference for someone like Martin Lustgarten, and it helps him make just as much money as his clients.


Anyone who comes to Martin Lustgarten for help is going to learn how to make the most money in an easy manner. They are going to learn where to invest based on politics and the potential of every country. Martin Lustgarten will handle the investments, and he will recommend the right places to invest based on his experience. His portfolio speaks to his success in this area.

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