Ross Abelow Loves Animals and Go Fund Me Strays Helps

Ross Abelow is a wonderful New York attorney that specializes in family law. He works to keep each family he represents legal and above board at all times. Ross is good at what he does. He is always making sure to keep up with any changes in laws. Any family member that needs legal representation, Ross will provide counseling. He can help with living wills, marriage documents, purchase agreements, and Last wills. He also does a lot of entertainment contracts. Ross Abelow graduated and begun work immediately. He hopes to help the unwanted animals in the city as well.

Ross Abelow is setting up a go fund me page for stray animals in New York and the surrounding areas. The go fund me page will benefit the local animal shelters as well. These shelters will use the funds to purchase food, blankets, medicine, and help with housing for more homeless animals. Shelters now are so full that they can not accommodate others. People need to adopt these animals so others will have a chance at a good life. Each dog or cat that is brought into the shelter off the street is given a chance at life. The ones that remain on the street are always fending for themselves the best that they can. These dogs and cats fight to stay warm in the winter. Helping by donating to the go fund me page will help these animals find a home and food.

When Ross Abelow was a little boy he loved animals. Most little boys hope to have a dog of their own. Training a dog and making sure he or she is healthy is the first steps a shelter takes to help to place the dog in a loving home. When looking for a reason to donate, look toward the reason of being kind and loving to something less fortunate than you.

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New Partnership Between Front Capital Advisors And Easter Seals Dixons Center To Benefit Veterans

Front Capital Advisors are a financial services firm specializing in merchant banking, investment management and investment banking. It is a global firm which works together with its subsidiaries to create a variety of public and private investment vehicles to access prime market opportunities. The company provides expert advice to commodity and forex traders.

On February 29th 2016, Front Capital Advisors announced a new partnership with Easter Seals Dixons Center. The partnership will include a donation of 3 million dollars. Front Capital Advisors based the decision on the impressive work Eater Seals Dixon Center does with veterans and military families.

Easter Seals Dixons Center connects individuals with organizations to enable veterans and their families to access employment, education and healthcare. The Center has changed the perceptions about the individuals involved in military service thereby creating opportunities for them and changing their lives.

At the forefront of the partnership is Front Capital Advisor’s CEO, Brad Reifler. He is the founder of the firm and has been its CEO since May 2009. Reifler is a well known entrepreneur and investor. Prior to his position at Front Capital Advisors, he was chairman and CEO at Pali Capital, a financial services firm which he formed. He also served as a trader at Refco, a company founded by Ray E. Freidman, his grandfather. He is currently a director at Sino Mercury Company.

With a degree in economics and political science from Bowdoin College, Brad Reifler has had a successful career spanning decades. He started an independent career in the early 1980s by founding Reifler Trading Company which dealt with fund management, research and advisory and execution services. He later sold the business to Refcoin 2000. Reifler’s global reputation as professional can be attributed to his vast experience in the financial services sector. indicates the partnership with Easter is not a surprising move with Reifler as CEO since he is an outspoken member of the community, especially when it comes to helping people to find ways to plan their futures and find financial freedom. In a statement made after announcing the partnership, Reifler stated that the partnership is a good business decision since it goes towards changing the lives of the military community while at the same time supporting the clients’ financial well being.

The 3 million dollar donation will be used to fund programs for veterans like caregiver training services, job training, advocacy, health and education. Both organizations are hopeful that the partnership help veterans and military families to involve themselves within their community and in doing so achieve financial independence.  Be sure to check out Brad Reifler’s investing tips articles on Reuters, not to mention his ideas for opening Forefront to the middle class.

Prisoners can also benefit from Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has opened up many opportunities for people and organizations everywhere. This can especially be seen when it comes to using mobile technology to contact incarcerated felons or inmates that reside at a county jail. Secerus Inmate Phone Calls is a new type of technology that allows people to contact prisoners with the use of their smartphones, tablets or laptops. 

People can download Securus Visitation Mobile App and contact family members or friends who have been sentenced to prison. The app is designed to give family and friends an easier way to contact their loved ones, says the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Secerus. The Visitation Mobile App can do more than just make inmate phone calls it allows prisoners to chat with each other through a video format. 

Securus created this technology back in 2015 and it has been downloaded at least 65,000 times on Android devices and 5,000 times form the iStore. When a consumer downloads the app and install it on their phone they will be directed to set up the service for use. They will then need to fill out an application and a form that explains where an inmate is located. 

Another form will pop up asking the consumer about the type of video services that they want to use. A consumer will then have to conduct a system check to determine if their device is compatible with the Securus Visitation service. Once a facility has approved a consumer’s account they can then schedule a video visitation. 

Many people like using Securus’s app because it saves them money, time and the hassle of making a long trip to jail. 

Securus Technologies is a technology provider that services millions of inmates in various prisons across the country. This company provides the tools and systems for emergency response, incident management, public information and investigation. Other types of equipment that they use includes biometric apparatuses, inmate data and security monitoring products that is able to effectively control and monitor just about any place on the planet. You can find out more about the Securus Visitation App on the PR Newswire website.

Securus Techonologies is in no way affiliated with Securus the health supplement or the website, Securus America.

Argentina Plans to sell $12 billion of its debt and HCM is in best position to buy it

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management (HCM). Also referred to as Jim, CPA and CFA, he is also the president and chairman of the board of directors of NextPoint Hospitality Trust Inc. Highland Capital Management specializes in high-yield fixed income. With over years of experience in credits markets, Jim Dondero served as the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. James Dondero helped the business to grow from inception to over $2 billion in value from 1989 to 1993. He has a vast management experience in mortgaged-backed securities, high yields bonds, investment grade corporates real estate, leveraged bank loans, preferred stocks, derivatives and ordinary shares.

Being an experienced person in the international bond market, Argentina’s $12 billion return to international bond markets next month would be in good hands under Highland Capital Management LP as one of the buyers. Highland Capital Management currently oversees over $19 billion that include emerging market funds and credit hedge funds. James Dondero has said this deal is looking forward to snapping up “significant amounts” of securities. HCM had gained trust with Argentina after it was the biggest holder of the country’s $4 billion of notes due in 20133 over the past six months.
The state believes that the distressed debt investors may still be the main buyers of the country’s debt when it comes out of default. Mr. Dondero has indicated that there is a plan to hold what the HCM have in the original bonds and still buy the new issuance. According to Jim Dondero, HCM is optimistic about the price Argentina will place on the debt and where it is most likely to trade based on the Latin American Sovereigns.
The plan in place for Argentina is to issue $11.68 billion of bonds expected to yield 7.5 to 8 percent by mid-April according to a statement by the country’s finance minister to the Congress. The state plans to sell three bonds with maturities of 5,10 and 30 years. Upon selling the debt under New York law, Argentina expects the yields to fall to 6 percent in the short run due to rating upgrades and then a continuous improvement based on the country’s outlook fiscal and monetary situation. President Mauricio Macri is moving swiftly to regain market confidence by reversing the policies of former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Refer to