Sharing Every Day Business Details With My Partner On Securus

Sharing every day business details with my partner on Securus is the best thing we can do while he is still in jail. It is something that we had to plan when he got his DUI, but it really works for us. The visiting hours make it easy for us to make Securus business calls, and they let us talk in real time and over video. He has given me input on things that need to get done, and it is great that Securus has helped us keep everything going.


I feel pretty confident that our business will do just fine because it is a business that is based on the ideals that we set up when we started. We wanted to be responsible, and we wanted to be as moderated as we could be. We knew the only way to do that was to stay in contact when he did his short prison term, and then we he can jump right back into the business when he gets out. I have planned to pick him up after his release, and I have planned what we are going to be doing when he gets out. The whole thing has been much easier because we are using Securus, and we know for a fact that it is working. We have not missed a step yet.


 Securus is making it much easier for me to talk to my business partner, and I have also been able to hold a call with all the people who work in the office. We are unified as one team, and we are going to keep supporting him through Securus while he is in jail. I am proud of the work we have done, and I am thankful for the Securus people who made it possible in the first place.

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Growth of Fabletics stores with its unique Athleisure trend

At its Start, Fabletics was a catalog and online-based business owned by parent company JustFab. It initially offered its shoppers VIP membership that gave them access to discounts on several purchases. There is a big business model difference with Fabletics due to lower prices for its VIP members. To get into VIP members and have exclusive offers, one should have their credit cards are charged each month automatically. Most of the cash goes to Fabletics purchases.

One cannot mention Fabletics without noting its rapid growth. The company was started in 2013 and has managed to increase its sales significantly. It has had a few retail stores and plans to open its seventh store. The company has had plans to open more than 75 stores in the next three years. Apart from simply shopping online, Fabletics allows its shoppers to buy clothing in person. The expansion of retail stores across difference regions makes shopping easy and fast.

Since its start, Fabletics has been trying to recruit shoppers to join its subscription service on After joining, one will receive several discounted outfits and have their credit card charged. This business model has seen people receive goods at incredibly low prices. It has increased the popularity of the company and resulted in happy shoppers. Out of 800,000 items sold, the company receives only about 10 complaints indicating a definite satisfaction of customers. Additionally, Better Business Bureau reviewed the company and confirmed that it is legit and has been receiving fewer complaints.

The previous years, Fabletics dealt majorly with women’s accessories and apparel. Later years has seen an expansion with the company selling accessories and clothing for men. Fabletics has now moved to selling more items such as dresses and swimwear. Even though the brand has a long way to go regarding the category of products, any small addition is a notable achievement. All these additions are in a bid to maintain the athleisure trend.

About Fabletics
Fabletics is simply an online subscription retail that sells women’s accessories and sportswear. Due to the nature of items they sell, the company has been commonly referred to as athleisure. It offers its customers outfits based on their fashion preferences and lifestyle on When signing up, one has to fill out a survey about their lifestyle preferences and workout. At the start of the month, each member has customized outfits made based on their preferences. It is one of the principal subsidiaries of JustFab that was rebranded to TechStyle Fashion Group.

According to Fabletics website, the main founder is Kate Hudson a fashion tastemaker born to inspire others. Kate has a passion for supporting and motivating women. Each month she shares her favorite outfits, you can be assured that Kate approves all apparel in Fabletics.

David Osio Takes Great Pride In Bettering Communities

David Osio is a well-known financial counsel expert, but the way he spends his time differs from most given that he works with many non-profit organizations that focus on supporting art, people, and culture in the communities where his businesses are based. Outside of growing financial services in communities, Osio also works to grow the communities that surround them by supporting charitable organizations across the globe.

One thing Osio is known for is his great support for the Miami Symphony Orchestra. In fact, for many years he served as a member of the MISO’s board. He stated that his company, Davos Financial Croup, continues to be an annual supporter of MISO and that it is rewarding to be able to see iconic foundations in the community continue to operate and bring the community great joy.

Another organization he has been a long term supporter of is the international Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. Every year he serves as a supporter of the EPK events. Osio stated that he believes that everything counts when it comes to medical research and he hopes that someday those who are able to make donations will realize that and come together to help make a large financial impact for this wonderful organization.

Outside of his charitable contributions, Osio also has quite a name for himself in the financial world where he is known as the leader and CEO of Davos Financing Group. He has worked hard to increase the income levels at Davos and expand geographically across the world into locations such as Panama City, Geneva, New York, Lisbon, and Miami. As his company continues to expand so does his charity work as he has made it a point to better life in all of these cities.

He has done so by making sizable donations to the Fundana Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation, and the UMA Foundation. He also has helped support the arts by funding Miami’s Saludarte Foundation of Art where Carlos Cruz Diez has an exhibition on display. For all of his great work Osio has been given many recognitions and international awards inspiring others to also look into how they can help.

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IAP Worldwide Is An Excellency In Leadership Across The Globe

PRN News did an exclusive article on the global response of IAP Worldwide. Thousands of people each year rely on their services and leadership skills. They proudly serve over 2,000+ clients in over 25 countries. The IAP Worldwide Services has the capabilities of working on a large scale or from a centralized small community. They make your needs that of their own until the contract requirements are met. There is no better equipped team of handle a natural disaster. Your issues around the globe are their driving force on a daily basis.

Their standard of excellency is unmatched by anyone. For over 60 years they have made it a priority to maintain a superior global response time. Get your needs met when your facing a natural crisis. Their leadership skills has aided them in partnering with some of the top businesses around the world. Your needs become the focus of IAP until your expected outcome is reached. They don’t stop reaching for your goals until your completely satisfied. It’s like having a small army or a strong structure base of individuals when and where you need them. Visit the IAP Worldwide website for more program details and information.

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Natural disasters happen at an unexpected time and they are equipped to respond in a moments notice. You never have to worry about facing a community crisis on your own because IAP is there to help. Often times, corporations, businesses, and government officials may need their services to face some tough times. They provide a high level of service that is confidential at all times. Your mission is held in strict confidence with IAP Worldwide. Your goals is the underlying factor of how their business was started. A team of liked minded businesses formed IAP and its partners never looked back.

Your crisis is the reason why they get up in the morning. An intelligent team of men and women stand by and represent everything about IAP Worldwide. Reaching your goal for peace or sustainability has never been easier. Many people value their team of professionals and how the needs of others are kept first. You can depend on IAP Worldwide Services in a crisis. They tackle the huge crisis that most people face on a daily basis in remote parts of the country. When you’re in doubt on how to handle a security threat on a elevated level contact IAP Worldwide for results.

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Steven Murray, a Successful Investor and Deal Maker, Dies Aged 52

Former private equity investor, philanthropist and financial executive, Stephen Murray, died in March 2015. Murray was a highly accomplished financial executive who dedicated his skills and time to his work. Before his untimely death, Murray headed a spin-out firm from JPMorgan Partners called CCMP Capital. He served as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and board chairman.

Devout Family Man

Speaking of his former colleague and friend, current CCMP Chairman, Greg Brenneman, expressed his sincere and deepest condolences for the Murray family on behalf of the entre firm. He said that Murray was a great man, a good husband and a wonderful father to his sons.

Murray relinquished his position at CCMP citing health reasons one month before he succumbed to his illness. The 52-year-old had devoted over 25 years at the firm and its previous affiliates. Brenneman described Murray as a brilliant deal maker and terrific investor who had spent a better part of his career working in the private equity sector. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:


Stephen Murray went to Boston College in 1980 and graduated four years later with an economics degree. He later returned to school, this time at Columbia Business School, for his Bachelor of Administration master’s degree and graduated in 1989.

Between 1984 and 1989, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital participated in a training program for credit analysts that was organized by Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

Working Career

In 1989, Stephen Murray relied on his stint at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation (MHC) to secure a job at MH Equity Corporation. MH Equity Corp. combined its leveraged finance division with MHC. In 1991, MHC was sold to Chemical Bank while MH Equity entered into a merger with Chemical venture Partners. Later in 1996, Chemical Venture Partners changed to Chase Capital Partners while Chase Manhattan Corp. and Chemical Bank merged.

In 2005, Stephen Murray was appointed the head of JP Morgan Partners’ buyout business. This appointment allowed him to leverage his new position to lead the spinoff group that created CCMP Capital. The new firm contained the JP Morgan’s growth equity and buyout teams. The next year, he became the firm’s CEO. During his tenure, he grew CCMP Capital into a successful firm that raised multibillion-dollar funds with the latest being a $3.6 billion fund.

Murray was actively involved in several boards in his career. These include Aramark, Pinnacle Foods, AMC Entertainment and Generac Power Systems. His philanthropic affiliations included the Stamford Museum, Boston College, Columbia Business School and Make-A-Wish Foundation (Metro New York).

Wealth Management with The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is an organization, which helps people, attain their long-term goals through helping them to protect their retirement and lead a healthy life. The company is based in Winter Garden, Florida with a large clientele of investors and entrepreneurs looking for a better money management and a life situation, people seeking to have an early retirement as well as people looking for natural cures. The primary goal of the company is to provide guidance and support to help people achieve their aims and successes.

The Midas Legacy offers capital to clients in fields of finance, entrepreneurship, natural health and real estate who are capable of changing people’s lives. When a customer approaches the company, they receive The Midas Code, which is a free guide to The Midas Legacy as members. The firm has numerous specialist, all who are qualified and experienced experts, which guide members through various business sectors. These professionals among them include successful entrepreneurs and investors, best-selling authors, as well as leading stock market shareholders. All the company’s experts strive to ensure members succeed in their missions.

The company extends its research services to anyone with a desire to be successful in life. Besides helping individuals, the Midas Legacy participates in various philanthropic activities through donating to multiple charities. The company has received recognition as a Gold Business Member for their efforts in the Florida Sheriffs Association. The company funds the Give Hope Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that helps Central Florida families battling cancer. Other agencies that The Midas Legacy donates to include American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Salvation Army, The Wounded Warrior Project, and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Professionals among them Michael Edwards, Sean Bower, and Jim Samson successfully lead The Midas Legacy. The experts at the company have an excellent reputation in their fields of expertise in addition to a great deal of consulting experience. Jim Samson is a specialist in trading as well as a real estate investor and entrepreneur. Sean Bower has much experience in journalism. He has experience in writing for financial markets. This has made him acquire relevant knowledge on how various investing concepts works. Mark Edwards has relevant knowledge on natural health. His knowledge on natural cures adds to the many aspects of the company.

The company with all their experts is capable of helping individuals maximize the benefits from their endeavors. People who follow the aid from these consultants have the ability to maximize the chances of accomplishing their aims as well as enhancing their health.

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$21 Million in Funding Ensures ClassDojo Growth

ClassDojo has certainly impressed investors with what it’s been able to bring to classrooms everywhere. After their last round of funding, this educational startup managed to draw in more than $21 million from interested parties.

The ClassDojo platform is one that focuses on communication. By connecting teachers to the parents of students, ClassDojo has opened a channel of communication that makes classrooms a virtual space, allowing parents to be better informed on their children’s school day and giving teachers a secure channel to inform those same parents of all that goes on in the school.

This has effectively made the traditional face-to-face arrangements of meetings between parents and teachers obsolete, and that’s a good thing for students. With communication open and constant teachers can better inform parents on how their children are performing in class, where they need assistance and how to go about helping them excel. This can radically transform education by providing support in class and at home that is more conducive to learning, as opposed to waiting for scheduled meetings a couple of times in the school year so that everyone can get on the same page.

Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo’s co-founders, seem to understand the opportunity their platform presents to school environments. So, they’re taking their millions in funding to expand their existing staff and broaden the capability of their platform.

ClassDojo doesn’t have a monopoly on tech solutions for classroom environments. But while most tech companies have focused on ways to supplement instruction with technology, few have focused on the under serviced sector of classroom communication. This has allowed ClassDojo to be put in use in ore than 85,000 schools across North America. That kind of brand recognition has made it hard for competition to really disrupt their growth. ClassDojo’s taking this position of recognition seriously and are working to address the only real lingering criticism of their service–privacy concerns over data that may implicate children. It’s on the list of things they’ll address moving forward with their new funding.

Since 2011, ClassDojo has collected more than $31 million in funding to provide public and private schools with a technological solution to their lapses in communication between faculty and parents.

In time ClassDojo hopes to monetize its platform, allowing their services to broaden and meet more challenges schools face. For now, they have no intentions from moving from the education market.


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Fun For a Noble Cause

In the month of April, Dubai will be hosting one of the biggest family fun-filled events Dubai has ever seen. To help commemorate the Dubai Autism Awareness Month, which is set to kick off on April 2, the Autism Rocks Festival will be happening on April 1. During this year’s festival, world renowned American rappers Flo Rida and Tyga will be performing live in an effort to raise awareness about autism.

The whole idea about Autism Rocks and the Autism Rocks Festival is a brainchild of Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark. The couple, together with their three children, live in Dubai. In 2011, their son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects how a person communicates and experiences the world around them. It is estimated that autism affects one in every 100 individuals in the United Kingdom alone. This translates to 2.8 million people every day. Taking this into account, the couple was prompted to do something to help raise awareness about the disorder. They wanted to change how people with autism were being treated and handled in the society.

During an interview with XPRESS, Usha was quoted saying, “My husband and I have an autistic son, and we wanted to do something for those like him. While there was a lot of support for special needs people, we felt the need to provide greater exposure for such children. We wanted to encourage more research into why people are afflicted with these conditions and what can be done about it. So we came up with the idea of Autism Rocks.”

Sanjay Shah is a well-known astute businessman. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital, a leading global finance corporation that specializes in professional sports investments, property trading and consultancy. The British national was born in Kenya but grew up in Central London. He studied medicine at Kings College but decided to pursue a career in the world of finance. He worked as an accountant for a number of banks including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Rabobank, a Dutch Bank that has offices in London.

After losing his job in 2009 due to a financial crisis, Sanjay Shah decided to start his own company. With the help of a couple of graduates, he rented out a small apartment in London where Solo Capital was established. Within five years, the company had grown staggeringly and was valued at $280 million earning it a spot among the biggest financial institutions in the world.


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Irish Football Fans Edits Robert Brady’s Wikipedia Page

Robert Brady helped Ireland to secure a place in round 16 of Euro 2016 football competition by scoring the winning goal against Italy. If the hilarious edits are anything to go by, Brady was the most famous individual in Ireland after the match finished. Irish football fans expressed their joy by making funny Wiki edits on the footballer’s Wikipedia page. After the match against Italy ended, the footballer’s fans had edited his Wikipedia page over 100 times. The fans used biblical phrases to refer to Brady, some even calling him the messiah and Jesus Christ. However, the moderators were busy changing the edits back frustrating the efforts of excited football fans.

Importance of Wikipedia 

Wikipedia tops the list of the most visited sites across the globe. Therefore, clients can access enough information about a particular business or brand. It is easy to create or update a Wikipedia page about a business, an individual, or brand on the website.  When you make a Wikipedia page can add a level of credibility, authenticity, and prestige for businesses, individuals, and brands. Additionally, it can increase sales and improve the visibility of businesses on popular search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo. 

Importance of following guidelines 

Pages created without adhering to Wikipedia’s manual of style are flagged or removed. The website does not condone the creation of promotional or biased content. Follow the following steps to create a Wikipedia page.

Step 1

Confirm if your business is popular and has several articles or essays about it that are available online.

Step 2

Register for a Wikipedia account.

Step 3

Look for creative and informative articles about your brand or company. They must be related to your business and available online. It is advisable to pick articles from online newspapers and trade magazines. 

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki is an esteemed company that helps individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, government institutions, and other entities in creating and editing articles. Hire a Wikipedia editor that will find reliably sourced references for clients’ articles and formats them accurately. These articles or pages adhere to Wikipedia writing rules. Wikipedia being a great open-source community, anyone has an opportunity to edit its pages. Therefore, Get Your Wiki’s veteran editors monitors pages on behalf of clients and gets rid of malicious edits. Visit their website to hire competent editors: 

How Does FreedomPop Make Saving Money Simple?

Cell phone plans around the world can be pretty hard for people to get just because they are so expensive. These people know that they are going to have to make changes to the way that they are spending their money, and they can save a lot of money when they get started with FreedomPop. There are far too many people who cannot afford phones because they are being given options that are too expensive. FreedomPop wants to be sure that their options are better and cheaper than any other.

The cell phone plans that are set up by FreedomPop are perfect for people who want to save some cash, and they need to be sure that they go with the cheaper phones that are offered from FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a great place to go for someone who has never had a cell phone, and it is an even better place for people who are tired of waiting for their bill to come every month knowing it is too high. The free plans make life easier for everyone, and the cheaper plans make life simple for those who are concerned about the way that they will afford their plans every month. That one simple payment every month for a cheap plan is helpful, or making no payment every month is even better.

There are many people who are going to learn a lot about saving money because they have changed to FreedomPop. FreedomPop is the best place to come because they have the graduated plans that people pay for based on what they use. They will be able to use their phones as much as they need to, and they can preserve data when they are on wifi around the house or the office. Savings abound once someone changes to FreedomPop.

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