The U.S Money Reserve betters its Online Platform

The U.S Money Reserve is gratified to reveal the launch of its new online platform. Its website is, and it has a transformed look that displays the company as a front-runner in the distributions of precious metals. The new site shows the core values of trust and the company’s dedication to offering an excellent customer experience. It has been fully redesigned and has remarkable photography of a new coin photo gallery and Philip N. Diehl, who is the company’s current president. Mr. Diehl is also a former director of the U.S Mint. The new website will be educating clients on the advantages of purchasing bullion that is government issues and also improves an individual’s experience when buying gold coins.


The company’s VP of Brand and Creativity, Ryan Buchanan, believes that the firm now has a highly performing tool that will allow it to develop top-notch content on various platforms, associate with the clients, and sell products through its secure online store. Mr. Buchanan was in charge of the redesigning processes, which include the fixing of new features that allow consumers to learn and also purchase bullion online without facing glitches.


The U.S Money Reserve’s online shop is growing, and it offers competitive prices for its gold and silver bars and bullion. The enterprise also sells coins that are certified by the PCGS. Individuals who are interested in the company’s products can apply for a gold information kit that is free. They can also visit the Knowledge Center to access the latest information on the high-value metals and the conditions that deal with the minting of coins, grading, and purchasing. The website also offers up to date information on the market through its Full Headline Gold News Room.


The precious metals company is well connected with its clients through its excellent customer service. It can, therefore, offer face-to-face consultations, purchasing support, exceptional offline releases, and secure offline transactions. Its BuyBack Guarantee plan is one of the most reliable return strategies in the sector. It fully refunds the clients on certified coin order within thirty days. The compensations are also done based on the current value of the commodity. The U.S Money Reserve has also partnered with a fast insured shipping firm and has also developed new plans such as the Gold Standard IRA. These features make it be regarded as the top company in the industry and also attract more clients.

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Hussain Sajwani is a citizen of United Arabs Emirates, he was born in the year 1956.He holds a Bachelor of Arts Science in the university of Washington. He resigned from the public sector and decided to start his own business in 1982. He ventured into catering industry in Abu Dhabi. Later he expanded the company becoming one of the largest catering companies in the region supplying the US military through Iraq war as well as in Somalia, Bosnia and Afghanistan. Moreover, he was also involved in supplying oil and gas. In 1992, he established an investment company known as Twilight. In 2002 he founded DAMAC Properties where is currently chairman.


DAMAC Properties is involved in real estate investments. This includes mansions, lavish villas, apartments and a retainer center. It has its headquarters in Dubai. The company was involved in the building of the Trump International Course; which has the most luxurious villas in the world. DAMAC Properties has entered into collaboration with luxury brands such as Versace, Fendi and Bugatti. Moreover, the company has marketing events in various countries such as China, India and Europe. Niall Mc Loughlin is in partnership with DAMAC Properties in these marketing events. Versace who is an investor also works together with DAMAC Properties in the Design industry.



President Donald Trump has conducted various business deals with Hussain Sajwani given that they are both involved in real estate business. They are also family friends with extensive interactions during various ceremonies. For example, Sajwani and his family attended Trump’s victory ceremony and he acknowledged their presence. Given the rising conflict of interest between Trump’s presidency and business, Hussain Sajwani feels that Trump Organization should continue in business under the capable leadership of Trump’s children.



Hussain Sajwani is also a man with a big heart. He supported the Tarahamu campaign by donating to the Red Crescent. Further to this, he supports the government of the United Arab Emirates in most of its projects. For example, in their Ramadhan initiative to clothe and feed needy children, he donated a AED two million cheque . On top of that Hussain Sajwani supports refugees in Lebanon. He has also been involved in water aid programs, building of a facility for people living with autism and other welfare projects.

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Securus Manages To Build Trust In Difficult Climate, Receives BBB Accreditation

Securus Technologies has recently achieved accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. It is a hallmark of achievement for a company that deals with a very difficult customer base. Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that provides services exclusively to prisons and jails across the country. The company’s customers are prisoners and their loved ones all across America.


One of the bullet points for BBB accreditation is building trust. Securus has managed to build trust with their customers in a very difficult climate. To understand how difficult this climate can be, you must first understand how these telecommunications companies come to do business with prisons and jails.


Third-party telecommunications companies flight to score exclusive government contracts. These contracts make the company the sole provider of telephone and Internet services to a prison facility. Many of the companies include something called a commission in the bid for the contract. Commissions are kickbacks to the prison and the state government from the profits made off of the telecommunications services. Inferior telecommunications companies, such as Global Tel-Link, pass the cost of the commission on to the prisoner and their families. In order to capitalize as much as possible on the government contract, Global Tel-Link hires a bare-bones staff and emphasizes customer service. After all, Global Tel-Link’s customers have no choice.


Securus manages to build trust even as they hold a monopoly on telecommunications services to a particular facility. The company provides the largest customer call center in the industry that is capable of handling over 2 million calls per month. The company offers a better product with available video chat services. And the telecommunications company’s fees remain reasonable. The fact that this company takes the high road when other companies take advantage of the same situation should be recognized. The BBB accreditation does just that.


The Impacts of Brexit on EU and Global Economy

From June 2016, The United Kingdom ceased to be a member of the European Union (EU). The United Kingdom withdrew from the EU after the majority of its citizens unanimously supported the exit decision through a referendum on According to stock market analyst Flavio Maluf, this departure will cause a significant drop in the stock market and will a have a long-term effect on the worldwide economy.

The EU published its financial reports back in 2014. According to these results, most of the contributions came from the United Kingdom. Flavio supports Paulo Figueiredo’s perspectives at that UK’s decision to withdraw from the EU will decrease the number of oversea investors, who are willing to invest in the country. Paulo Figueiredo is the current director of the renowned FN Capital Operations.

Members of the European Union usually engage in a tax-free trade on After the UK withdrew from the EU, the country will now have new tax rates for all its trading activities. This new measure will have an impact on foreign trade conducted between the UK and EU member nations. Furthermore, the UK will be required to reach bilateral agreements regarding trade taxes with any country that belongs to the EU.

How Brazil will benefit From the UK

Flavio Maluf also pointed out that Brazil will reap benefits from the UK’s departure from the EU. He noted that Brazil would now be in a position to reach bilateral agreements with the UK. Most of the EU’s financial support originated from the UK, with France and Germany following closely. Apparently, France has shown signs of flaws in its national economy on Germany is now the EU’s flag since it is only remaining member country that has a strong economy. The Brexit will hugely affect the operation of the EU.

About Flavio

As the Eucatex’s president and a Brazilian entrepreneur, Flavio is an influential investor in the Brazilian business sector. He serves as the president of GrandFood Group. Flavio maluf attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in Brazil and studied mechanical engineering. He also enrolled at the New York University and attained a postgrad in business administration.

His company, Eucatex, specializes in tree byproducts. Its products are mainly sold to woodworking and civil engineering companies. In addition to running business ventures, Flavio Maluf financial supports organizations such as the LANG Carli Hospital and Maternity.

Alternative Investment Expert: Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider founded Ascendant Capital LLC, a company that he serves as the CEO a team of financial experts who are experienced in providing alternative packages to a well-known clientele. Before starting Ascendant Capital, he was working as an employee at Paradigm Global Advisors as well as the Axiom Capital Management. Previous he has worked at Alex Brown, Smith Barney as well as Merrill Lynch where he acquired a lot of knowledge as well as experience in the investment and financial strategies.

Schneider is an expert of the alternative investment, he has made a good reputation in the industry, as more and more investor continue to seek his services. He is also known for his philanthropic activities. As the CEO of Ascendant Capital LCC he has made a lot of efforts to generate impressive figures and at the same time kept his employee happy. He works with other charitable organization as a way of giving back to the society.

After identifying a unique gap in the industry of investment Schneider started his Ascendant Capital. He knew that wealthy individuals, as well as a large corporation, were seeking ways to diversify their investment portfolios and thus reduce the risks of investment. Through this knowledge, he came up with the technique of offering alternative investment strategies.

Based in Austin, Ascendant Capital has over 30 full-time employees are structural as well as financial professionals. Under the leadership of Jeffry Schneider, the Ascendant team leads a crucial role in the driving of the investment ideas to the clients, their roles include sourcing, structuring as well as supporting. Schneider has over 24 years’ experience of offering financial investment solution there his leadership in the firm is highly respected.

During his business days, the responsibility of Schneider is to perform a role of acquiring new strategies to increase the capital for starting or new alternative investment funds investors. He believes that teamwork is necessary toward acceleration of goals, partners with other industry stakeholders to make sure that these products reach out on a global scale for both the private as well as public clients. He also makes sure that the objective of the firm is easily achievable through partnering with the registered investment advisors, private banks, family offices as well as brokers-dealers.

The most important thing for the investor is numbers because number don’t lie. Over the years Ascendant has grown a lot over an impressive the past 5 years. Schneider along with his company blend team of professional financial expert have managed to come up with nearing $1 billion in funding to alternative asset funding from investors. The network of the company with the external stakeholders, the company has managed to establish a relationship with over 50 brokers as well as 250 private investment advisory companies whom they work together with.

Thor Halvorssen is President and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights promoter and film maker. Depicted by the New York Times as “a champion of the powerless and underdog,” he started upholding for human rights as a pre-adult in 1989 in London by organizing how to oppose the South African politically-sanctioned racial segregation. Halvorssen’s experience is Norwegian and Venezuelan. He got to be distinctly involved full-time in the advancement of due process and individual rights after his dad became a political detainee in Venezuela. He established the New York-based Human Rights Foundation after his mom was shot amid a political challenge there in 2004. HRF is dedicated to freeing political detainees while ensuring promoting of democracy and political protest in Latin America. Since its establishing, HRF has secured the freedom of seven conscience detainees, forwarded evidence to Truth Commissions, provided amicus briefs in key global human rights cases, and ensured publication of two books on human rights and state responsibility. Mr. Halvorssen is originator and CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly worldwide social group portrayed by The Economist as a “breathtaking human-rights celebration on the way to become a human-rights team similar with the Davos economic forum.” Halvorssen is likewise the Patron of the Prague-based Children’s Peace Movement; On Own Feet.

Halvorssen is a Venezuela’s nationality and born to Hilda Mendoza, a relative and a descendant, separately, of Venezuela’s first president Cristóbal Mendoza. His dad is Thor Halvorssen Hellum, who filled in as a Venezuelan Ambassador for aanti-Narcotic Affairs in the organization of Carlos Andrés Pérez and as unique abroad agent of a Venezuelan Senate Commission. His family was prosperous and on his dad’s side he is the grandson of Øystein Halvorssen, the Norwegian ruler’s delegate who “established a family line as the Venezuelan agent for companies including Dunlop, Alfa Laval and Ericsson. His cousin is Leopoldo Lopez. In 1999, Halvorssen was selected as CEO and first executive director of FIRE – (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education), a U.S. common freedoms association. As head of FIRE, Halvorssen shaped coalitions that united the moderate and libertarian promotion associations, for example, the Heritage Foundation, Feminists for Free Expression, the Eagle Forum, with more conventional free discourse protectors, for example, the ACLU. Halvorssen has a reputation of advocating for people both on the left and on the right of the political spectrum.

Top 5 Wine Companies in the UK

In the recent past, UK has experienced rapid growth with 2013 alone harvesting slightly below 4.5 million bottles. This is the same year UK Vintners celebrated its 650th anniversary! The company which started as a link in the import, regulation, and sale of wine in the UK maintains its charity and education role through Vintners Foundation.

Such figures are a clear indication that the UK wine industry is undergoing a healthy growth period. UK wines have in the past received stiff competition from their cousins, the French wines, but the recent growth is a clear indication that they have started being taken seriously. Below are the top 5 wine companies whose wine brands you can taste at the UK Vintners.

Camel Valley

The Cornish vineyard was set up in 1989 by Bob Lindo, an ex-RAF pilot together with his wife, Annie. Over the years, they have continued supplying sparkling wines and have managed to win several awards whereby their wine, Cornwall Brut 2010 scooped the golden gong during the International Wine Challenge. At the 2012 Decanter Wine Awards, their Pinot Nor Brut managed to win a gold medal.

Bolney Estate

The estate has been growing vines for a very long time, but it is not until in the 1970’s that Juliet Linter revived the property to light. In 2007, Bolney Estate’s Blanc de Blancs won the Gold Outstanding medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition. The estate is known for making varieties of tastes of white, red and rose wines.

Hush Heath

The vineyard of Hush Heath is located in Weald of Kent at a manor house and is dedicated to producing world-beating quality rose wine. The company has already won several awards through their Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Brut Rose, which is made of variety Champagne grapes of Chardonnay. This wine company has a history of making still and sparkling white and rose wines.


The vineyard started as a farmyard until Stuart, and Sandy Moss turned it into winemaking in 1988. The vineyard is located in West Sussex and was the first British vineyard to grow entirely champagne grapes. In 2007, the wine company’s Blanc de Blanc wine won the International Wines and Spirits Competition gold medal.

Ridgeview Wine Estate

This family owned vineyard located in East Sussex and founded in 1994 dedicated to producing sparkling white wines. Their Chardonnay Marksman produced for M&S won a gold medal at the International Wine Challenge in 2009.

Wines from these companies among other illustrious and exciting brands can be bought from the UK Vintner.

Capital Group Success and its Chairman’s Response to Today’s Market Selloff by China

Mr Timothy D Armour is the Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company. He is the portfolio manager and the Chairman of the Capital group companies. He has accumulated years of investment experience from several job positions in different companies.

Timothy Armour attended the College of Middlebury where he studied and graduated with a business degree in Economics. He served as the Fund Manager, Global Discovery Manager at Scotia Capital Inc. In the year 1994, he moved to American Mutual Fund Inc. In this company; Armour held the position of Senior Vice President. American Mutual Fund is a company driven by the accomplishment of three major objectives, current income, ensuring the Growth of capital, and in the conservation of principal.

Timothy D Armour has also acted as a fund advisor for the Capital Research and Management Company. In this company, his input was required in the running of 529 college saving plans. He was also expected to advise on the retirement plans offered by the enterprise. Today, Timothy Armour is Chairman of Capital Research Company.

On 28th of July 2015, the Board of Directors of Capital Group, a world’s leading investment Management Company announced that they had hired Tim Armour to act as the Chairman of the Capital Group. With other senior members of the management committee, Armour would continue to work, set, communicate, and implement the company’s business targets. He was also to oversee all the company’s operations. His confirmation as the chairman was as a result of the death of the former president, Jim Rothenberg.

Tim said that all the capital fraternity deeply mourned the loss of their friend and colleague. Timothy Armour’s election to be the chairman was to help the company continue the leadership role held by Jim. It was upon him to take decisive actions and steer the company to a better place keeping the interest of their clients, investors, and associates first. He also stated that the actual strength of the company lied not in an individual but the collective talents and efforts of the members and associates.

Regarding the market selloff triggered by China, Timothy thinks that the United States had a six-year run and rising markets. The United States Markets were valued fairly and had grown tremendously. With this in mind, he said that the market correction was not unexpected and to some degree, it is healthy as it removes pockets of excess.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Starts An Online Ordering Service For Property Reports

Title defects have been a major problem in the real estate market. To this end, Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) Inc has provided a solution by making property reports available through online ordering. Some people feel that the title defects are the cause of stagnation in the transition of assets and others feel that they are the cause of wrongful foreclosures. NTC points out that property records are essential in reducing the inability to foreclose. They are also key to ensuring a clear title conveyance. NTC has taken crucial steps to simplify the process of obtaining property reports. Recently, the firm launched an updated website that offers the reports via the online platform.

Title defects are caused by multiplicity of reasons. A claim laid to a property that is under the possession of a different entity is the leading cause of title defects. A concern with the wording of a document and previous liens that have not been removed can adversely affect titles. Additionally, failure to include signature of a crucial party and inability to file or record procedures may cause title defects.

Because of the above reasons, John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide Title Clearing suggests that it is vital to address title defects before a property is transferred. The company has made available some property reports through online ordering in a bid to help the growing mortgage industry. They include Tax Status (plus) Report, Tax Status Report, Assignment Verification Report Services, and Current Owner Report (O&E).

Nationwide Title Clearing has prioritized the provision of a systematic and fast process of securing property reports. Hillman notes that the firm’s property services are founded on premier research from authentic land records. They are available for residential properties on a national scale. During their research, the company receives data from various sources. This information is received from the counties and comprises of automation in addition to human verification. The practice has facilitated the firm to cater for the leading lenders in the country under the crucial compliance regulations. According to Nationwide Title Clearing officials, rigorous research process leads to accurate results.

About Nationwide Title Clearing

Nationwide Title Clearing is a premier provider of post-closing services for the United States’ leading financial institutions, servicers and investors. The privately held company was founded in 1991. Its headquarters are located in Palm Harbor, FL. Some of its clients consist of eight of the leading 10 residential mortgage servicers in the United States. Nationwide Title Clearing is revered for delivering accuracy in research services. It is also known for delivering quality document processing, which set the industry standard. Its land records as well as document professionals are able to track and satisfy county document requirements in the entire recording jurisdictions across the nation.

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How Fabletics Uses The Reverse Showroom Technique To Bring In More Sales

In just three years, Kate Hudson’s athletic fashion brand “Fabletics” has managed to amaze consumers and business enthusiasts alike with its endless stream of innovative marketing strategies. Having earned $250 million in sales within its short lifespan, Hudson continues to propel her brand forward with new business strategies from which all online business owners should take note.


Hudson launched the brand to provide women of all shapes and sizes with a convenient and affordable way to purchase athletic apparel. She created the company using the subscription service business model which allows users to receive a workout outfit of their choice each month for a monthly fee. The company was an instant success with subscribers growing steadily.


By now, Fabletics has opened several brick-and-mortar stores across the country. Although some found this to be an unusual move thanks to giants like Amazon outdoing physical stores in terms of revenue, the decision paid off, earning the company significantly more in profit. The company has plans to open more physical stores worldwide within the next three to five years.


Part of the success of these brick-and-mortar stores has to do with the use of the relatively new “reverse showroom” technique. This technique allows customers to first see the product online and then purchase it in the store after seeing it in person.


Smartly, Fabletics stocks the store based on user data gathered from the brand’s website. By studying trends and sales in particular regions, the company can then stock each individual store with products that they know perform well in that specific area.


Additionally, Hudson is using social media to her business advantage. Fabletics has an immense social media following and uses platforms such as Instagram to interact with its millions of customers. Because of this dedication to engaging the brand’s followers, the company is able to select items to be sold in stores based on how well they perform on these platforms in terms of likes, shares and comments.


Although Hudson didn’t invent the reverse showroom concept, she is the first to apply it to an e-commerce apparel brand. Companies like Apple have been using it for several years with much success, and it’s expected to grow in popularity as e-commerce continues to take over the consumer market.


While innovative and risky practices like this are a large part of the company’s success, Hudson believes that ultimately the products themselves are the backbone of the company. Fabletics apparel items are significantly more affordable than athletic apparel items sold by its competitors, yet the products are just as high in quality. Fans of the brand also find that they can find apparel items which are more fitted to their unique body type.


Whatever the reason, Hudson has struck gold with her company. Fabletics has seen incredible growth annually and has struck a chord with fashion consumers across the world.